Torah Time Digest by Sonya T Anderson Sees Increased Popularity in 2021 as One of the Best Christian Books

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Sonya T. Anderson, of Sonya T. Anderson Ministries, continues to spread the word of our Heavenly Father through her series, Torah Time Digest. Offered in coordination with a subscription service and e-courses, Anderson teaches readers to embrace the presence of Yahweh with patience and purpose.

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Torah Time Digests are presented as twelve-part thematic studies of the Hebrew roots at the core of the Christian faith. Each installment has been carefully researched in order to offer insights into ancient Jewish texts and scriptures. Torah Time Digests are designed to help group leaders teach home Bible studies, but they can also be used for personal devotions. Although the specific themes and topics vary, the core message is always the same: The voice of our Heavenly Father is pure love. Choose to linger in His manifest presence.

Reviewers applaud Anderson’s ability to present each subject in an engaging way. Torah Time Digests include a thorough exegesis of specific words and phrases in biblical texts in order to analyze the underlying meaning of key verses. With helpful recommendations and room for notes, it is also a practical guide that encourages readers to take an active role in making room for Yahweh.

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In Torah Time Digest, Anderson addresses common questions she often receives from others. This series is perfect for those who wish to deepen their understanding of the Bible, lead a Bible study group, or draw closer to Yahweh. Anderson draws upon her experiences as a Bible study teacher in order to make honoring Yeshua Messiah and growing in the Word accessible to people from all backgrounds.

Anderson hopes that Torah Time Digest will allow readers to develop a closer relationship with our Heavenly Father. These thematic studies will resonate with both Christian and Jewish audiences alike. By exploring Hebrew and Christian traditions in tandem, Torah Time Digests are a comprehensive look at personal devotion, community, glory culture, and living in the manifest presence of Yahweh.

Sonya T. Anderson is a prolific author with over two dozen works on a range of nonfiction topics. Her bestselling series, Torah Time Digest, is also available as an e-course and subscription service. Anderson can be found online. Currently, there are fourteen books in the series. Torah Time Digest is available for purchase on or wherever books are sold.