Tories divided in Boris Johnson's constituency

Johnson is fighting for his political life after allegations that he and staff partied at the heart of the British government in breach of rules they had themselves imposed to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

Revelations of revelry including boozy parties in Downing Street, suitcases of supermarket alcohol, a broken children's swing, a wine fridge and jokes by staff about how to present such parties to reporters, have hammered Johnson's ratings.

In Uxbridge, a suburb in northwest London that Johnson has represented in the British Parliament since 2015, a former supporter branded the British prime minister a "buffoon", and another called his alleged lockdown breaches "sickening".

British police said on Tuesday they had opened an investigation into possible COVID-19 lockdown breaches at Johnson's Downing Street office and residence, the latest blow to a prime minister facing growing calls to resign.

The Cabinet Office said its own investigation, by senior official Sue Gray, was continuing and there was ongoing contact with the police.

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