Tornado, baseball-sized hail wreak havoc in Missouri

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Grundy County, Missouri Emergency Management

A tornado ravaged parts of Missouri on Saturday as winds gusted up to 90 mph and hail the size of baseballs fell, according to the National Weather Service.

Officials have not yet said if any people were hurt, but cattle were injured during the destructive storm, according to an NWS storm report. An early April in the state killed at least five people.

Saturday's storm damaged a church roof in downtown Trenton and blew the roof off a hog barn, NWS said. Hail also penetrated a steel roof.

The weather agency warned people of baseball, large apple and ping pong ball sized hail. Severe thunderstorm warnings were also issued for the area.

A confirmed tornado was located north of Bucklin in Linn County on Saturday night, NWS tweeted. It was on a path to cross over Highway 36 between Bucklin and New Cambria in Macon County. Weather officials urged residents to take shelter in those areas.

Hundreds were also left without power in several counties, according to Emergency Management in Grundy County. Linn County was the most impacted with 424 outages reported. Another 126 outages were reported in Grundy, with 86 outages reported in Livingston and 67 reported in Harrison.

Tornado warnings were also issued for parts of Texas on Saturday night.

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