Tornado rages as hail comes down

Meteorologist Reed Timmer was chasing a tornado in Lockett and Crowell, Texas on April 23 as "golf ball-" and "baseball-" sized hail pelted his car, cracking his windshield.

Video Transcript

REED TIMMER: There. Big tornado. Big tornado. Just to the East. Just to the East of the road.

Come on. Come on. Come on.

Have the GoPro pumping. Come on, GoPro. Tornado.

Got to get east now.

- Let's go east!

REED TIMMER: How's that east option? Down Crowell.

Tornado touching down to the east.

Tornado touching down to the east! All over it, here, all over it! Big baseball-sized hail coming down! Big hit baseball hail, tornado! There it is! Big elephant trunk!

Touching down! That's a tornado touching down! Tornado! Big one! There it comes!