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Tornado survivor warns everyone to review their insurance policies

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One man who lost his home in last year's EF4 tornado in Putnam County, Tennessee, is urging everyone to review their insurance coverage.

Video Transcript

RAY MOYER: I fractured my neck and my back.

BILL WADELL: Ray Moyer does not remember many details from the night an EF4 tornado ripped through his neighborhood near Cookeville, Tennessee.

RAY MOYER: Just heard some wind, and I was kind of concerned about the pool furniture, believe it or not. And I went to walk out, and the windows exploded. The next thing you know, I'm horizontal, and that's the last I remember until I woke up, you know, basically flat on my back.

BILL WADELL: Ray was thrown out of his home into a neighbor's yard across the street. His house was leveled.

RAY MOYER: When it picked me up, I was knocked out immediately. I'm thankful for that, believe it or not. So I can't tell you how high I went or how many times I went around in a circle, but I'm still here.

BILL WADELL: Ray has recovered from his injuries, but the pain is far from gone. All that's left is this giant hole where the foundation of his home used to be.

RAY MOYER: I urge you to, you know, revisit your insurance policy to make sure that you have replacement insurance rather than just what you originally purchased your house for.

BILL WADELL: Ray didn't realize he was underinsured until it was too late. He's glad there's still aid from the tornado recovery group and Inspiritus available helping families like his.

RAY MOYER: Those guys have driven and helped me to rebuild my home, hopefully, in short order. But it's been a year, and we're just getting started.

BILL WADELL: A long time to wait to build his family a new home.

RAY MOYER: I'm thankful to be here. I thank God every day that my children weren't there at the night of the tornado.

BILL WADELL: For AccuWeather, I'm Bill Wadell.