Tornado victims prepare for more storms

Families in North Louisiana are rushing to clean up and repair damaged roofs from a tornado on April 7, before a second round of severe weather moves in.

Video Transcript

KEITH LOWREY: I heard a whoo, whoo, whoo, whistling real loud.

BILL WADELL: In a matter of seconds, Keith Lowrey says he heard then saw a tornado heading straight into his neighborhood near Bastrop, Louisiana.

KEITH LOWREY: I saw a black skyscraper going straight up. Grabbed me and threw me 15 foot against the back of my truck. All the roofs was popping, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop.

BILL WADELL: It was the roof of his neighbor's house that peeled off. A grandmother named Lillian was inside.

KELLI CLINGEN: Broken ribs and a collapsed lung. But that should all be doing good. A lot of bruises, a gash on her head.

BILL WADELL: Kelli Clingen says her grandma is still in the hospital. She's grateful for the neighbors who helped Lillian get to safety.

KELLI CLINGEN: She doesn't really know what the house looks like yet. But she's here, so that's all that matters.

BILL WADELL: As families try to save what was blown out of their homes, tree trimmers are trying to answer as many calls as possible because damaged and leaning trees could cause even more trouble.

PAT EDMONDS: And we have to try to get there, get it done, and move. And hopefully nature will let us get there.

BILL WADELL: Cleaning up quickly before the next round of spring storms.

In Morehouse Parish, Louisiana, for AccuWeather, I'm Bill Wadell.