Tornado Watch Issued: 2 waves of storms expected for Friday afternoon

Hail, high winds, tornadoes, and a quick 1-3" of rain will be possible in any severe storms that pop up on Friday.

Video Transcript

- Yeah, we're looking at two potential waves of storms, and the first one is ongoing. We're looking at that wave right now across the area, and you can see this line of storms that's developing here. This is North of I-10 continuing to lift off to the north.

This is a healthy band of storms. A significant weather advisory has been issued. That's just a step below a severe thunderstorm warning, but some pea sized hail, some gusty winds, certainly, expected in these robust thunderstorms, stretching here from Summerville to Navasota all the way over to Cold Spring, lifting up gradually towards the Levingston area. Look, in general, if you are here, it is rain and some serious rumbles with that level of severity, as I mentioned, just to step below severe weather limits.

This stretches all the way out to the west here near Austin. Gradually, if you notice here, what's upstream of Houston? Just a few showers, and that is the good news here for Houston is that, right now, there is no immediate severe weather threat. Just a few scattered showers.

All those intense thunderstorms currently are farther north, but we still all need to be on aware. We need to be on alert here, because we do have that tornado watch. That encompasses all areas here along and north of I-10. That does include the city of Houston. That goes, until nine o'clock.

Now, the first batch that we're seeing now of that thunderstorm, that is our first batch of storms. Potentially, we could see a second later on, so let's go ahead and look at the timing of this here. By five o'clock, notice the bulk of the rain and the storms. That's still North of Houston. That's that line that we're looking at.

As we head later into the evening, and I'm pausing this at eight o'clock, this is that second potential batch here, firing up along a dry line. Now, there's still some uncertainty in models about how strong, how robust, how healthy this line will be. But the general idea is we could see another batch of storms moving through the Houston area by 10:00.

This line reaching all the way down towards the coast, that will clear out by midnight. We are done. And as we continue this into tomorrow, a cold front moves through. We clear out, and we get beautiful weather for the weekend.