Tornadoes rip through Kentucky, five other states

A swarm of tornadoes ripped through Kentucky and five other U.S. states in the Midwest and South, killing dozens of people. Officials said Saturday the path of destruction stretched more than 200 miles.

Thunderstorms overnight produced an outbreak of tornadoes as the storm moved from Arkansas and Missouri into Tennessee and Kentucky, a state that was slammed by at least four tornadoes. The heavy winds derailed a. freight train in western Kentucky.

Governor Andy Beshear:

"This has been the most devastating event in our state's history. And for those that have seen it, what it's done here in Graves County and elsewhere, it is indescribable."

The small western city of Mayfield was among the hardest hit with cars toppled and buildings leveled. A tornado ripped through a candle factory with over a 100 people inside. The roof collapsed, causing mass casualties.

A resident directed traffic.

"We have a major catastrophe at the candle factory, the jail, courthouse, and the number one fire station ... I wouldn't try to go anywhere in this cul-de-sac."

In Monette, Arkansas near the Missouri border, a tornado ripped off part of the roof of a nursing home with 90 beds.

A roof also partially collapsed at an Amazon warehouse near St. Louis, Missouri. Rescuers searched for people trapped in the rubble.

Just west of Nashville Tennessee in the town of Kingston Springs, topped trees and power lines littered parts of the highway.

The National Weather Service said it had received several dozen reports of tornadoes touching down in six states.

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