From tornadoes to snowstorms: Wild weekend of weather

Parts of Texas were hit with tornadoes while a major snowstorm blanketed Colorado and Wyoming over the weekend of March 13-14.

Video Transcript


- We've got strong easterly winds here with mist, dense fog dropping the visibility to near zero. We've got immense spring break traffic out here, and it is definitely a recipe for big problems later on this afternoon.

- Where's the tornado?

- Debris on the right! Debris on the right!

- Oh, wow.

- I got it. I got it.

- We're looking at right here.

- I think we're OK.

- Power lines down.

- Hang in there, [INAUDIBLE].

- We're south of it. We're south of it.

- [GASPS] It's a full condensed tornado.

- That is just [INAUDIBLE]. It's wobbling. It's a wobbler. Whoo! Whoo!

- So we're getting a lot of snow here. So I just thought I'd kind of show you the conditions that we're dealing with.


EMILY WILLIAMS: The good news is, though, that snow in Denver is not unusual. Maybe this much is, but we plan all here for big storms. We've got over 200 pieces of equipment that can plow our airfields alone. And our runway teams can actually clear a runway in about 15 minutes.

- Your truck won't turn?

- No. It's just sliding forward.

- This is the snowstorm we were looking for.

- Everybody getting stuck.


- Plows, big trucks, small trucks, cars, everybody.

- You from here?

- I am.

- You ever see anything like this?

- Never.

- Never?


- That's the tow truck from last night.

- Last night, yeah.

- All around us, along this corridor, you been pulling people out since 2:00 AM?

- 2:00 AM.

- Got to do a little bit of digging right now.

- Yeah, when we got up there, it got to almost my thigh when I got out.

- Something.


- Yeah.

- You're going back out?

- Going to the interstate. Let's go.

- [LAUGHS] Whoo!