Raptors' 25th anniversary honoured with special Royal Canadian Mint coins

The Royal Canadian Mint commemorated the Toronto Raptors' 25th season in the NBA with two new coins. (Twitter//@CanadianMint)

After the Toronto Raptors unveiled their championship banner at Scotiabank Arena earlier this week and gave every fan in attendance a replica of the rings the team received, demand for these bands amongst supporters was high. Thankfully for these individuals, the organization gave those who couldn’t score tickets to the game an opportunity to purchase a ring as well.

And while fans had their credit cards out to pick up some victory bling, the Royal Canadian Mint released a couple of special edition coins to celebrate the Raptors’ 25th season in the NBA.

For those that love both numismatics and basketball, this truly is a match made in heaven.

The coin on the left in the video is the star of the show. Sporting the logo the team used for its first 13 seasons, the pure silver coin is one of just 8,500 created and available for $99.95 CAD. The other — named the 2020 Toronto Raptors 25th season coin — is one of 100,000 minted and can be scooped up for $29.95 CAD.

Unfortunately for those outside of Canada, they are unavailable and it doesn’t sound like that’s about to change any time soon.

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