Tory leadership race: Final stages of Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt's bid for No10 explained

Megan White

Britain will know who will be the new Prime Minster by Tuesday after votes are counted in the Tory leadership contest.

The party’s 160,000 members have until Monday to choose between frontrunner Boris Johnson and foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt as the party, and the country's next leader.

Following a month-long contest, the votes will be counted on July 22, with just two candidates out of nine remaining.

The winner will be announced on Tuesday, with Theresa May set to take part in her final Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday before handing her resignation to the Queen.

Conservative leadership contender Boris Johnson has refused to rule out proroguing Parliament to get no-deal through (AFP/Getty Images)

Here’s how the final stages of the Tory leadership contest will play out next week.


Voting closes at 5pm on Monday, with Conservative Party members having had two weeks to cast their vote.

The candidate who receives over 50 per cent of the vote will be the new Prime Minister.

Jeremy Hunt takes questions during the Conservative leadership hustings (AP)


The winner of the leadership contest will be revealed at some point on Tuesday.

The result is expected to be announced before midday, however Tory chiefs have not yet confirmed when or where the announcement will be made.


Theresa May will make her final speech as Prime Minister in the House of Commons and will take part in her last Prime Minister’s Questions.

She will then visit the Queen at Buckingham Palace to resign as Prime Minister.

The new leader will then take up the post, one day before the summer recess begins on Thursday.