Total surveillance: Intelligence monitors nuclear weapon deployment in Belarus

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Ukraine's Defence Intelligence and its partners are monitoring the possible deployment of Russian nuclear weapons in Belarus and the situation in Russia itself.

Source: Defence Intelligence of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, citing intelligence representative Andrii Cherniak

Quote: "We are monitoring the situation on the territory of Belarus, mainly where Russian units are located [regarding the deployment of nuclear weapons – ed.]. We monitor the situation in Russia as well. This is a priority, not only for the Ukrainian special services but also for the international community. Total surveillance."

Details: Cherniak says that currently "we are seeing an information campaign on the level of statements and words, nothing more." Cherniak added that this is yet another act of blackmail by the occupiers.


  • On 25 March, Vladimir Putin announced that Russia would deploy tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus, and the storage facility for them should be ready by July.

  • NATO called Russia's nuclear rhetoric "dangerous and irresponsible", while the United States said it saw no signs of Russia preparing to use nuclear weapons.

  • Josep Borrel, High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, sees the possible deployment of Russian tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus as a threat to European security.

  • France called for the cancellation of the agreement on deploying Russian tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus.

  • Russia’s Security Council claimed that Russia has a unique weapon capable of destroying even the US.

  • Belarus claimed that having agreed to the deployment of Russian tactical nuclear weapons on their territory, they have resorted to "forced retaliatory actions" to boost their own security and defence capabilities, which does not contradict the Treaty on Non-proliferation of Nuclear Weapons.

  • US President Joe Biden told reporters he was concerned about Russia's plans to deploy tactical nuclear weapons in neighbouring Belarus.

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