Tough new border laws may cause more issues in Texas- What's Your Point?

Houston - A trio of controversial measures aimed at reducing the flow of illegal immigration into Texas - are poised to become law.

In this fourth special legislative session of 2023, Republicans in the majority pounded through an additional border wall at a cost to taxpayers of a billion and a half dollars.

Lawmakers also made stepping into our state without documentation or permission a state crime - and empowered 80 thousand Texas peace officers with the authority to arrest, detain, and transport illegal migrants.

Democrats and nearly all Latino members of the lower chamber expressed outrage...which was openly ignored by the majority.

"Our constituents sent us here to ensure that we secure the southern border and that’s what we are going to do with this bill." State Rep. Jared Patterson (R) Frisco

This so-called "solution" could easily generate as many problems as it solves, as in racial "profiling" in abusive "extortion" in creating a deterrent for immigrant cooperation with law enforcement. . . agree or disagree?