TOUGH GUY: Public Schools Cop Shoots At Fleeing Kids Who Had Been MAKING OUT

TOUGH GUY: Public Schools Cop Shoots At Fleeing Kids Who Had Been MAKING OUT

School district officials in Tulsa, Okla. have placed one of the district’s police officers on paid administrative leave because he fired his gun at a vehicle containing a pair of teenagers who were trying  to get busy in a car.

The shooting incident happened over the weekend in the parking lot of Eliot Elementary School, reports Tulsa Fox affiliate KOKI.

The unidentified school cop fired at the back of the vehicle as the 17-year-old driver was fleeing the scene, according to the real Tulsa police detectives who later investigated the incident.

The kids in the car were “probably doing something that they shouldn’t have been,” Tulsa police spokesman Chris Payne told KOKI.

Sensing trouble, the school cop approached the vehicle to find out what was happening. Instead of answering the cop’s questions, the driver chose to try to get the hell out of dodge.

The school cop said he felt jeopardized by the fact that a confused kid in the midst of a face-sucking session drove away from him. In response, then, he pulled out his gun and shot at the absconding vehicle, striking it with a live bullet in the rear left tire.

Tulsa police detectives have since been able to track down the teen driver. The kid told the detectives that drove off because he was just trying to leave.

School district officials noted that no one is supposed to make out on school property – or enter school property – outside of school hours.

Payne, the Tulsa Police spokesman, said the school cop was carrying the firearm legally. However, a criminal investigation will determine whether he used it appropriately in this case.

“Our police officers are all CLEET certified, so they are real police officers,” he told the Fox affiliate.

CLEET certification involves 25 hours of online or classroom-based continuing education each year.

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