Tour de France 2022 LIVE result: Hugo Houle wins stage as Jonas Vingegaard marks Tadej Pogacar

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Israel-Premier Tech team's Canadian rider Hugo Houle celebrates (AFP via Getty Images)
Israel-Premier Tech team's Canadian rider Hugo Houle celebrates (AFP via Getty Images)

The Tour de France gets it’s final week of racing for 2022 started today as the riders travel the hilly route from Carcassonne to Foix. Belgian Jasper Philipsen claimed his maiden victory on the Tour when he won a bunch sprint in the 15th stage on Sunday beating compatriot Wout van Aert and Dane Mads Pedersen, who were second and third respectively.

Yellow jersey holder and GC leader Jonas Vingegaard suffered a bad day following a crash and the loss of teammates Steven Kruijswijk and Primoz Roglic but recovered to make it back into the peloton and still leads Tadej Pogacar by two minutes and 22 seconds. With temperatures rising above 40 degrees Celsius, race organisers had to spray parts of the road with water to cool down the melting tar before the riders passed.

Monday was the final rest day of this year’s race so the riders will be refreshed after a gruelling stretch of the Tour and it is likely that general classification contenders will attempt to save their legs ahead of the bigger mountain stages to come. Stage 16 features four categorised climbs - two at the start and a trickier pair near the end - that is likely to suit skilled climbers like Romain Bardet. Can he triumph as the French riders continue to search for an elusive stage win?

A bigger question, however, is how Vingegaard will fare after his crash and whether defending champion Pogacar feels the time is right to renew his attack for the yellow jersey. This Tour de France has been unpredictable on almost every stage so far and today’s race looks set to be no different.

Follow all the action from Stage 16 of the Tour de France:

Tour de France - Stage 16

  • Today’s route is a 178.5km hilly trek from Carcassonne to Foix

  • Tadej Pogacar launches attack on Jonas Vingegaard with 49km to go

  • Simon Geschke adds to his KOM tally when leading at Port de Lers

  • Wout van Aert adds 17 points to his green jersey lead after coming second in sprint

  • Early breakaway reels in attack from Alexis Gaugeard

Tour de France 2022: Hugo Houle wins Stage 16!

16:06 , Michael Jones

Hugo Houle crosses the line in first place, he punches the air in celebration. The Canadian wins the 16th stage of the 2022 Tour de France!

Tour de France 2022: Stage 16

16:05 , Michael Jones

2.5km to go: Michael Woods is a very happy man in third place. He’s sticking to the wheel of Matteo Jorgenson and giving Hugo Houle all the space to go and win this stage.

Houle, Jorgenson and Woods all finish in the top three it’ll be the first a Tour de France stage has ended with three men from Canada or North America have taken the podium places.

Tour de France 2022: Stage 16

16:01 , Michael Jones

5km to go: On the outskirts of Foix, Hugo Houle receives the adulation of the crowds as he storms past. His lead is still increasing as Matteo Jorgenson starts to give up the chase.

Houle is going to win stage 16.

Tour de France 2022: Stage 16

15:59 , Michael Jones

8km to go: Michael Woods is easing off to allow Hugo Houle to get further away. He’s 45 seconds clear now as Matteo Jorgenson catches up with the Israel-Premier Tech rider.

Jorgenson’s left arm is bleeding heavily but he’s still pushing on.

David Gaudu is closing his own 30 second on the yellow jersey in a brilliant solo ride.

Tour de France 2022: Stage 16

15:53 , Michael Jones

12km to go: Jorgenson is down! He’s pushing to try and catch Houle and the bike slips out from under him as he rounds a bend.

Michael Woods flies past and Hugo Houle has gotten a lot of luck, one of his pursuers is out of the chase.

Tour de France 2022: Stage 16

15:51 , Michael Jones

16km to go: David Gaudu has no help as he attempts to wind in the leading GC contenders. Wout van Aert is dropped back to help out Jonas Vingegaard, Tadej Pogacar has team mates with him as does Geraint Thomas.

Hugo Houle’s 30 second lead remains in tact. The Canadian is looking good for a stage win now.

Tour de France 2022: Stage 16

15:45 , Michael Jones

21km to go: Can Hugo Houle win the stage from here? His lead over Woods, Jorgenson and Storer remains at 30 seconds.

Geraint Thomas goes over the top of Mur de Peguere and should be able to catch Vingegaard and Pogacar on the downhill section.

Tour de France 2022: Stage 16

15:44 , Michael Jones

24km to go: Geraint Thomas has lost team mate Adam Yates and has a bit of work to do to close the gap on Jonas Vingegaard and Tadej Pogacar so as to not lose any time in the GC standings.

These groupings are around six minutes behind Hugo Houle.

Tour de France 2022: Stage 16

15:41 , Michael Jones

27km to go: Hugo Houle gets over the top of Mur de Peguere in first place and has a lead of 24 seconds over Matteo Jorgenson. This is going to be a controlled descent to the finish line and the race is on.

Simon Geschke’s group are one minute and 25 seconds futher back so they won’t catch the leader.

Tour de France 2022: Stage 16

15:33 , Michael Jones

28km to go: The yellow jersey group hits the steepest parts of the climb up Mur de Peguere. UAE Emirates are trying to isolate Jonas Vingegaard to allow Tadej Pogacar another opportunity to attack.

Adam Yates and Tom Pidcock start to fall behind for Ineos Grenadiers. This is an interesting manoeuvre but Vingegaard is up to the challenge so far.

Houle continues to lead the way further ahead.

Tour de France 2022: Stage 16

15:29 , Michael Jones

29km to go: Woods, Jorgenson and Storer are working hard over this steep climb to try and recover some time on Houle.

Wout van Aert has dropped away from this pack and will focus on reaching the peak before marshalling team mate Jonas Vingegaard to the end of the stage.

Tour de France 2022: Stage 16

15:23 , Michael Jones

30km to go: Hugo Houle has never won a road race in his career. He’s just extended his lead over Gallopin to 48 seconds. There are 3km of the climb to go before a sharp descent that could put him futher in front.

He just need to get to the top of the climb and a stage win could be within his grasp but these last few kilometres are gruelling. 12 and 13% gradients.

Tour de France 2022: Stage 16

15:18 , Michael Jones

33km to go: At the front of the race there Hugo Houle has set out his tactics. He’s bombed away with 6km left to climb and only Tony Gallopin has decided to give chase.

Storer, Madouas, Woods, Jorgenson and Caruso are together behind the lone leader.

Tour de France 2022: Stage 16

15:11 , Michael Jones

36km to go: What an introduction to the Pyrenees this has been. The yellow jersey group are seven and a half minutes behind the leaders who are just starting to hit Mur de Peguere.

This is another long, steep climb. 9.4km with a gradient of 7.9%.

Tour de France 2022: Stage 16

15:08 , Michael Jones

39km to go: Repeated attacks from Tadej Pogacar have both been seen off by Jonas Vingegaard but will that exertion in energy come back to bit on the final climb of today’s stage?

Tour de France 2022: Stage 16

15:05 , Michael Jones

43km to go: Tadej Pogacar has properly brought the race to life for the peloton and the GC riders. Jonas Vingegaard moves to the front of the pack and slows it down allowing others to catch back up with Geraint Thomas amongst them.

Tour de France 2022: Stage 16

15:01 , Michael Jones

46km to go: Pogacar hits the summit of Port de Lers and puts on the burners. He sprints over the top of the hill and flies down the descent. Vingegaard knows what he has to do and tracks Pogacar move for move.

The other GC contenders are left behind, Pogacar is unable to shake the yellow jersey holder though.

Tour de France 2022: Stage 16

14:59 , Michael Jones

49km to go: Tadej Pogacar just bombed out of the front group of the peloton and Jonas Vingegaard a little off guard. Vingegaard puts his head down and races up to the wheel of the Slovenian to counter the attack.

Geraint Thomas and Nairo Quintana also respond but Romain Bardet is falling away.

Huge move from Pogacar on Port de Lers.

Tour de France 2022: Stage 16

14:53 , Michael Jones

53.5km to go: This is going to be a decent race to the summit. Geschke, Van Aert, Jorgenson and McNulty catch the three leaders in Storer, Caruso and Woods.

Aleksandr Vlasov has also made a move to join this new leading pack but he’s still 24” seconds behind and won’t catch them before the top of the climb.

Geschke leads the way over the last 300m, he steps up and looks behind at the green jersey of Wout van Aert. He sets the pace and is allowed to cross the line to collect the 10 KOM points!

Tour de France 2022: Stage 16

14:48 , Michael Jones

54.5km to go: Enric Mas and team Movistar make a move from the front of the peloton and are allowed to get clear by the Jonas Vingegaard and Tadej Pogacar.

It’s a decent move from Mas who could potentially get himself up the GC standings with a good run to the finish today.

Tour de France 2022: Stage 16

14:46 , Michael Jones

55km to go: Wout van Aert, Matteo Jorgenson, Simon Geschke and Brandon McNulty mount a chase on the leading trio and cut their lead from over a minute to around 22 seconds.

There’s still 2.3km to go climbing this hill. Who’ll get to the top first?

Tour de France 2022: Stage 16

14:35 , Michael Jones

59km to go: Storer and Woods are making a good go of reeling in Caruso, they can see him up the road as he’s only 10 seconds or so ahead of them.

The rest of the breakaway is over a minute behind now with the peloton 8’24” off the front of the race.

5.6km to go to the top of Port de Lers.

Tour de France 2022: Stage 16

14:30 , Michael Jones

61km to go: Michael Woods and Michael Storer both decide to attack the climb as well and try to close the gap on Caruso. The Italian has opened up a lead of 30 seconds or so which is a handsome time to have such a climb.

8km to go up Port de Lers.

Tour de France 2022: Stage 16

14:27 , Michael Jones

64km to go: Olivier Le Gac and Damiano Caruso have left behind the 29-man breakaway group as they head up Port de Lers.

Several riders have dropped away on this climb including the experience Philippe Gilbert. Caruso looks good, he ups his own tempo and drifts further ahead of Le Gac.

Tour de France 2022: Stage 16

14:15 , Michael Jones

69km to go: Port de Lers has been climbed only once in the Tour de France, in 2019. It’s the only summit that Romain Bardet passed in first position that year but he won polka dot jersey in Paris.

The leading 29 riders are closing in on the start of the classified climb.

Tour de France 2022: Stage 16

14:06 , Michael Jones

75km to go:

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)
 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

Tour de France 2022: Stage 16

14:00 , Michael Jones

80km to go: The incline up Port de Lers starts in just a few kilometres time. It’s a 20km ride to the peak but only 11.4km of it are categorised. The average gradient is 7% so it’s a bit tricky, especially in this heat.

We’ll see if Simon Geschke makes a move from the breakaway.

Tour de France 2022: Stage 16

13:55 , Michael Jones

85km to go: Marc Soler is really struggling today. The Tour de France is difficult work for a fully fit operator and Soler isn’t well at all. He’s trying to continue but doesn’t look as though he has any energy to finish the stage.

The peloton is 7’37” behind the leading group with Soler three minutes further back.

Tour de France 2022: Stage 16

13:48 , Michael Jones

89km to go: Will polka dot jersey holder Simon Geschke attack the final two category climbs of this stage to increase his lead in the KOM competition?

He spoke about his plans for the stage this morning saying: “We’ll see how the race develops! I mean, I have to be offensive now, I need more points, I think that’s clear.

“And yeah, but there are two more days with even more points coming, so we’ll see. I cannot be in the breakaway for three days in a row, I know my body well enough to say that.

“We have to see how the start goes, and who’s interested in going in the breakaway. Yeah, there are many factors.”

Tour de France 2022: Stage 16

13:43 , Michael Jones

95km to go: Marc Soler has dropped away from the peloton needing assistance from the medical car. He’s thrown up due to a stomach bug apparantly.

The peloton is falling even further behind the breakaway now. They’re 7’19” back.

The next climb is still 25km away.

Tour de France 2022: Stage 16

13:34 , Michael Jones

100km to go: Here are the full results of the intermediate sprint:

1. Nils Eekhoff, 20 pts

2. Wout van Aert, 17 pts

3. Philippe Gilbert, 15 pts

4. Nathan Van Hooydonck, 13 pts

5. Maxime Bouet, 11 pts

6. Michael Storer, 10 pts

7. Tony Gallopin, 9 pts

8. Tim Wellens, 8 pts

9. Alexis Gougeard, 7 pts

10. Mikkel Honoré, 6 pts

11. Mathieu Burgaudeau, 5 pts

12. Neilson Powless, 4 pts

13. Stefan Bissegger, 3 pts

14. Gorka Izagirre, 2 pts

15. Hugo Houle, 1 pt

Tour de France 2022: Stage 16

13:32 , Michael Jones

105km to go: Immediately after the sprint ends, Philippe Gilbert kicks into the lead of the breakaway to maintain their pace ahead of the peloton.

There’s another long, flat stretch before Port de Lers which is the first of two category 1 climbs at the back end of the stage.

In the breakaway group is Aleksandr Vlasov. The time gap of 6’39” has put him up to fifth in the virtual GC standings.

Tour de France 2022: Stage 16

13:22 , Michael Jones

110km to go: The intermediate sprint takes place in the town of Lavelanet. If Wout van Aert wins the sprint today and tomorrow he will mathematically win the green jersey providing he makes it to the end of the tour.

Van Aert comes second! He collects 17 points and not the maximum 20. Nils Eekhoff just pips him to the line.

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

Tour de France 2022: Stage 16

13:15 , Michael Jones

115km to go: Caleb Ewan has dropped off the back of the peloton due to a problem with his saddle but it get fixed quickly and he’s able to catch up without too much trouble.

The peloton are six minutes behind the breakaway which isn’t a massive lead but it’s comfortable enough for those at the front.

Tour de France 2022: Stage 16

13:07 , Michael Jones

120km to go: The intermediate sprint is 10km away. Wout van Aert is in the breakaway pack and will no doubt give it a go to collect the 20 points available.

Throughout the tour so far he’s taken most of the opportunities to add to his lead in the green jersey competition so today will be no different.

Tour de France 2022: Stage 16

13:01 , Michael Jones

125km to go: Gougeard is caught and dragged back into the breakaway group. It’ll be interesting to see how these 29 riders work out the rest of the stage.

There are two difficult cat. 1 climbs at the end of the route today and we’ve seen breaks from the breakaway form way before then on previous stages this year.

Things will burst into life after the sprint in Lavelanet.

Tour de France 2022: Stage 16

12:56 , Michael Jones

128km to go: The gap between Gougeard and the rest of the breakaway group has been cut to just 18 seconds now. In this group Felix Grossschartner has crashed but seems okay.

Tour de France 2022: Stage 16

12:52 , Michael Jones

132km to go: Alexis Gougeard hits a descent before a long flat stretch before the intermediate sprint at Lavelanet. There are three groups in this race now.

Gougeard is in the first one on his own, then follows the chasing pack including Wout van Aert before the main peloton follows.

The GC contenders are in the final group 6’15” behind Gougeard.

Tour de France 2022: Stage 16

12:45 , Michael Jones

137km to go: At the head of the race Alexis Gougeard has covered 40.9km in the first hour of racing. It’s a slower pace today after such a blistering run over the previous 15 stages.

Confirmation that Stefan Bissegger took the second KOM point at Col de l’Espinas.

Tour de France 2022: Stage 16

12:38 , Michael Jones

140km to go: Simon Geschke didn’t challenge to get the next KOM point at the top of Col de l’Espinas, it looks like Bissegger may have lead the pursuing group over the peak but that is still to be confirmed.

The gap between Gougeard and these riders is now just 38 seconds.

Tour de France 2022: Stage 16

12:36 , Michael Jones

142km to go: Alexis Gougeard reaches the peak of Col de l’Espinas and takes the two KOM points on offer as it is a category 3 designated.

Simon Geschke will want to collect the other point by crossing the line at the head of the chasing group.

Further back Michael Matthews and Quinn Simmons have finally been reeled back into the peloton proper.

Tour de France 2022: Stage 16

12:31 , Michael Jones

144km to go: 2km of the climb to go, Gougeard has an advantage of 56” ahead of a chasing pack of 28 other riders. The Frenchman seems up to the task of leading the way.

The temperature is quite high but there’s a nice wind to cool the riders down.

Tour de France 2022: Stage 16

12:27 , Michael Jones

147km to go: Alexis Gougeard takes the solo lead as Mathieu Burgaudeau is told to wait for the chasing pack to catch up. Gougeard hits the base of the second category climb.

Col de l’Espinas is 5.3km long with an average gradient of just 5%.

Tour de France 2022: Stage 16

12:23 , Michael Jones

150km to go: There’s a lack of co-operation from the leading trio as Matteo Jorgenson chooses not to take a turn to set the pace. He lets the two Frenchmen go.

Gougeard and Burgaudeau are out at the front.


Tour de France 2022: Stage 16

12:12 , Michael Jones

156km to go: The breakaway has let three riders get clear. Burgaudeau, Gougeard and Jorgenson have all kicked on and opened up a lead of almost a minute already.

The peloton is taking it easy. They’re already 5’41” behind.

Tour de France 2022: Stage 16

12:06 , Michael Jones

160km to go: Here’s how the KOM standings look after Cote de Saint-Hilaire:

1. Simon Geschke (Cofidis), 46

2. Louis Meintjes (Intermarché-Wanty Gobert), 39

3. Neilson Powless (EF Education-EasyPost), 38

4. Jonas Vingegaard (Jumbo-Visma), 36

5. Giulio Ciccone (Trek-Segafredo), 35

6. Pierre Latour (TotalEnergies), 35

Tour de France 2022: Stage 16

12:02 , Michael Jones

164km to go: The first of the four category climbs comes and goes for the breakaway riders. Cote de Saint-Hilaire is only 1.6km and Simon Geschke moves to the front to try and claim the KOM point for summiting first.

Stefan Bissegger beats him to it though. That won’t please the polka dot jersey holder.

Tour de France 2022: Stage 16

11:57 , Michael Jones

166km to go: There are 29 riders in the leading group which is a mammoth amount for a breakaway.

McNulty, Van Aert, Van Hooydonck, Martinez, Vlasov, Grossschartner, Honoré, G. Izagirre, Jorgenson, Geschke, Caruso, Teuns, Le Gac, Madouas, Storer, Eekhoff, Velasco, Bissegger, Powless, Bouet, Owsian, Gilbert, Wellens, Gallopin, Burgaudeau, Houle, Woods, Barthe, Gougeard

Behind them is Matthews who is dropping further back and Quinn Simmons. These two may have a chance of catching up if they can work together but it’ll be a tough one. The breakaway may have gotten away from them.

Tour de France 2022: Stage 16

11:54 , Michael Jones

169km to go: It’s already strong breakaway with some incredible riders involved. Michael Matthews tries to cover the gap but he’s 40 seconds behind and has a tricky solo ride to catch the leaders.

Jones Vingegaard in the yellow jersey is close to three minutes back with the rest of the peloton.

Tour de France 2022: Stage 16

11:49 , Michael Jones

172km to go: Powless’ move has opened up a gap on the peloton. Wellens is up there too, as is Ineos Grenadiers’ Daniel Martinez.

Green jersey holder, Wout van Aert, starts to cross the gap as well. This could be the breakaway of the day, the gap is now over 40 seconds.

Tour de France 2022: Stage 16

11:47 , Michael Jones

175km to go: There are about 15km to go until the first of the four categorised climbs so if any riders want to get into the breakaway they’ll want to establish a lead before then.

Nielsen Powless launches the next attack and is immediately followed by around 10-12 others. This could be the start of a breakaway pack.

Tour de France 2022: Stage 16

11:44 , Michael Jones

178.5km to go: Tim Wellens makes the first move of the day and tries to get clear to form a breakaway. He isn’t allowed to get clear as the peloton quickly bunches back up to hold the front line.

It’s not the quickest start but it’s already pretty tactical.

Tour de France 2022: Stage 16

11:41 , Michael Jones

1km to go until the start of the race proper. Who will be wearing the coloured jersey’s at the end of today?

The only one confirmed is Wout van Aert in the green. His lead is enough to see him hold onto the points classification title until stage 19 at least.

Tour de France 2022: Stage 16

11:36 , Michael Jones

There are 148 riders left in this year’s tour. They get rolling with a 5.4km neutral zone before the depart reel.


Tour de France 2022: Non-starters

11:33 , Michael Jones

There are four non-starters today.

Jakob Fuglsang who had broken ribs from a crash on Sunday, Lennard Kämna due to a persistent cold, Aurélien Paret-Peintre and Mikaël Chérel (AG2R-Citroen) who both tested positive for Covid.

AG2R-Citroen remains in the race with 3 riders only: Benoît Cosnefroy, Stan De Wulf and stage 9 winner Bob Jungels.

Tour de France 2022: Stage 16

11:28 , Michael Jones

Foix had never hosted the Tour de France in the 20th century but it’s the seventh visit today after 2001, 2007, 2008, 2012, 2017 and 2019.

Stage winner ten years ago Luis Leon Sanchez is still in the bunch today whilst Warren Barguil who won five years ago beating Nairo Quintana, Alberto Contador and Mikel Landa in a four-man sprint be he has pulled out of the 2022 edition.

Simon Yates won in 2019 with Thibaut Pinot second and three years ago, the stage finish wasn’t in the town centre after the famous u-turn at 200 metres but at Prat d’Albis, a nearby summit that is part of Foix.

Tour de France 2022: Primoz Roglic abandoned the Tour on Sunday

11:23 , Michael Jones

Primoz Roglic suffered more Tour de France heartbreak when he abandoned the race on Sunday to recover from injuries sustained in a crash during the first week.

“To allow my injuries to heal properly, we have decided that I won’t start today,” Roglic said before the start of the 15th stage, a 202.5-km ride to Carcassonne.

Roglic, who suffered a dislocated shoulder and a back injury when he crashed in the fifth stage, had sacrificed his own chances this week with repeated attacks that eventually allowed his team mate Jonas Vingegaard to take the overall lead from defending champion Tadej Pogacar.

“I’m proud of my contribution to the current standings and I trust that the team will realise our yellow (jersey) and green (jersey for the points classification) ambitions,” Roglic added.

One of the favourites in the Tour for the third year in a row, Roglic has now abandoned the last two editions after pulling out before the sixth stage last year following a crash in the third stage.

Tour de France 2022: Stage 16 preview

11:18 , Michael Jones

The Tour de France has arrived in the Pyrenees as the final week of the 2022 race kicks off with a 178.5km day from Carcassonne to Foix today.

After the final rest day, the riders will be refreshed after a brutal stretch of the Tour, but the general classification contenders will likely save their legs ahead of the bigger mountain stages to come.

Still, stage 16 will pose another stern test and features four categorised climbs - two at the start and a trickier pair near the end - that is likely to suit a skilled climber like Romain Bardet, as the French riders continue to search for an elusive stage win.

Tour de France heads to Pyrenees for stage 16 after rest day respite

Tour de France 2022: Stage 16

11:13 , Michael Jones

Stage 16 is a hilly route from Carcassonne to Foix with four categorised climbs including two long, steep category 1 hills towards the end of the stage.

The winner will come down to the GC contenders and whether they want to challenge for a stage win. If not, this could be won from the breakaway.

Stage 16 profile (letour)
Stage 16 profile (letour)
Stage 16 map (letour)
Stage 16 map (letour)

Tour de France 2022: How to watch stage 16 today

11:08 , Michael Jones

Tour de France coverage can be found this year on ITV4, Eurosport, Discovery+ and GCN+ (Global Cycling Network).

Live racing each day will be shown on ITV4 before highlights typically at 7pm each day. ITV’s website lists timings here.

Eurosport and GCN+ will show every minute of every stage. More on Eurosport’s coverage here and the GCN+ coverage here.

It is also being shown on Eurosport’s Discovery+ streaming service, with broadcast info here.

Tour de France 2022: GC standings after stage 15

11:03 , Michael Jones

The race for the yellow jersey is nearing its conclusion with just six stages of the 2022 Tour de France left to go. Here’s how the top-10 general classification contenders look ahead of stage 16:

1. Jonas Vingegaard (Den) Jumbo-Visma 59hrs 58mins 28secs

2. Tadej Pogacar (Slo) UAE Team Emirates +2m 22s

3. Geraint Thomas (Gbr) INEOS Grenadiers +2:43

4. Romain Bardet (Fra) Team DSM +3:01

5. Adam Yates (Gbr) INEOS Grenadiers +4:06

6. Nairo Quintana (Col) Team Arkea-Samsic +4:15

7. David Gaudu (Fra) Groupama-FDJ +4:24

8. Louis Meintjes (Rsa) Intermarche-Wanty-Gobert +4:25

9. Tom Pidcock (Gbr) INEOS Grenadiers +8:49

10. Enric Mas (Spa) Movistar Team +9:58

Tour de France 2022: Stage 16

10:38 , Michael Jones

Welcome to The Independent’s coverage of the Tour de France. The final week of the this year’s Tour gets started today as the riders journey from Carcassonne to Foix over four categorised climbs.

Jasper Philipsen took his first stage victory of the Tour on Sunday with a sprint finish ahead of Wout van Aert and Mads Pedersen with Jonas Vingegaard holding onto the yellow jersey despite a heavy crash with team mate Tiesj Benoot.

How will the riders fare today? Can Tadej Pogacar take the opportunity to capitalise and regain some time in the race for the yellow jersey?