Tour de France 2022 stage 10 result LIVE: Magnus Cort snatches photo-finish win in Megeve

Police officers remove protestors from the road (Reuters)
Police officers remove protestors from the road (Reuters)

Stage 10 of the 2022 Tour de France sees the peloton roll over the Alps to the summit finish in Megeve on a 148km route which could open up opportunities for the breakaway, as well as a potential showdown between the general classification contenders.

Following the second rest day, on paper this is a perfect stage for the man in the yellow jersey, Tadej Pogacar. The Slovenian already leads the race by more than half a minute and this kind of profile, where the road kicks up to the finish on a draining category-two ascent, should suit his skillset more than the purer climbers in the pack like the rider second in the overall standings, Jonas Vingegaard.

There are four categorised climbs starting with the Cote de Chevenoz (2.2km, 2.9%) which arrives early in the day and could provide a platform for the break to accelerate clear. Two more climbs follow – the Col de Jambaz (6.7km, 3.8%) and Cote to Chatillon-sur-Cluses (4.5km, 3.9%) – before the ride up to Megeve (19.2km, 4.1%) which may not be too steep but is long enough to hurt strong legs.

Follow all the action from stage 10 of the Tour de France below.

Tour de France 2022 – stage 10

  • Stage 10 set to begin around 12.30pm BST and conclude around 4pm

  • Today’s 148km route through the Alps ends with summit finish at Megeve

  • Tadej Pogacar (UAE Emirates) leads standings from Jonas Vingegaard (Jumbo-Visma)

  • Race held up by protestors on the road forcing breakaway to standstill

  • Magnus Cort sprints to victory in photo finish

Tour de France 2022: Magnus Cort Nielsen wins stage 10

16:19 , Dylan Terry

Magnus Cort Nielsen wins stage 10 on the photo finish! He pipped Nick Schultz on the line in dramatic fashion!

Tour de France 2022: Stage 10

16:19 , Dylan Terry

Sanchez opens up the sprint but Schultz and Nielsen come around him and throw their bikes at the line! It’s a photo finish! Neither of them had any idea!


Tour de France 2022: Stage 10

16:17 , Dylan Terry

1km to go: Under the Flamme Rouge they go and Van Baarle has made it up to the front three.

Van Baarle immediately attacks! It is uphill to the finish. Deceptively hard. The other three bring the Ineos man back.

And the other members of the break have made it back!

Here is the sprint!

Tour de France 2022: Stage 10

16:15 , Dylan Terry

1km to go: We now have Sanchez, Schultz and Jorgensen at the front - with Van Baarle riding across too!

The rest appear to be out of it. It’s a three or four-up sprint for the stage win.

Tour de France 2022: Stage 10

16:14 , Dylan Terry

2km to go: Schultz makes it up to Jorgensen and the pair look like they are going to make it up to Sanchez here. Wright is finally distanced and looks to be out of contention.

Now Schultz drops Jorgensen and makes it to Sanchez!

The climb is done. It’s flat to the finish.

Tour de France 2022: Stage 10

16:13 , Dylan Terry

2km to go: Fred Wright has undoubtedly been the strongest rider in this breakaway today. He is marshalling every single move! But he is not riding because his teammate Sanchez is up the road.

Jorgensen attacks and gains a significant advantage. He is in pursuit of Sanchez who appears to be struggling!

Tour de France 2022: Stage 10

16:11 , Dylan Terry

3km to go: Everyone watching Kamna as Luis Leon Sanchez extends his lead beyond 20 seconds! This could be the move which wins the day!

Kamna is no longer in the yellow jersey of this race as the peloton are within 8’43 of the Bora-Hansgrohe rider.

Tour de France 2022: Stage 10

16:09 , Dylan Terry

4km to go: Here goes Van Baarle and the Ineos man has dropped Kamna! Jorgensen and Wright have made it onto Van Baarle’s wheel.

Bahrain have two of the four riders at the front of this race, before a couple more breakaway members get back onto the Van Baarle group.

Kamna eventually gets back on but he is struggling.

Tour de France 2022: Stage 10

16:06 , Dylan Terry

5km to go: Magnus Cort Nielsen will be the heavy favourite if he makes it to the line in contention. Kamna needs to try and lose him on these slopes if he is going to win today’s stage.

Luis Leon Sanchez attacks! Wright set it up by pacing the group up the climb and now his Bahrain-Victorious teammate is on the front foot!

Tour de France 2022: Stage 10

16:04 , Dylan Terry

6km to go: Wright paces them up these harder slopes as Bettiol is immediately shelled out of the back of this select group.

The gap back to the peloton is 9’22 so Kamna is currently in the yellow jersey by 40 seconds. That is a wonderful sub-plot to the win of this stage!

Tour de France 2022: Stage 10

16:03 , Dylan Terry

7km to go: Kamna is attached to Simmons’ wheel as we approach the hard section of the climb. Bettiol and Zimmerman swallowed up by the 12-rider chase group.

Simmons tries to get clear but can’t find a gap and the 12 men are all together as we head onto the steep section of this long climb!

Tour de France 2022: Stage 10

16:01 , Dylan Terry

8km to go: A handful more riders join the group behind Bettiol and Zimmerman. Magnus Cort Nielsen is now in the second group on the road and everyone else knows he can outsprint them so they don’t want to work!

Bettiol and Zimmerman being reeled in.

Tour de France 2022: Stage 10

15:59 , Dylan Terry

9km to go: Three groups become one as Bettiol is caught by Wright, Zimmerman and Thomas. Moments later the quartet of Kamna, Jorgenson, Velasco and Van Baarle join them.

Bettiol goes again! Incredible! Don’t know where he has got that energy from but the man who spent the best part of an hour off the front has gone yet again.

Zimmerman tries to follow but Wright and co have stopped riding. This could work perfectly for Bettiol.

Tour de France 2022: Stage 10

15:56 , Dylan Terry

11km to go: Wright and Zimmerman have closed the gap to Bettiol. They are just 15 seconds behind the leader now.

But the remainder of the break - which does include Kamna - have blasted up the last couple of kilometres and now they are about to join Wright and Zimmerman.

Tour de France 2022: Stage 10

15:54 , Dylan Terry

13km to go: The main break are all looking at Kamna now. They know he is the favourite for the stage and also has one eye on the yellow jersey.

Bettiol has nearly a minute on that group now, with Wright and Zimmerman right in the middle.

Ganna and Swift dropped from the main group. The break beginning to shell out of contention any riders not strong enough to win this afternoon.

Tour de France 2022: Protestors on road bring stage 10 to a standstill

15:52 , Dylan Terry

The Tour de France was brought to a standstill on Tuesday as demonstrators blocked the road en route to Megève.

A large breakaway group of riders were leading stage 10 by several minutes when they ran into protestors lined across the road with around 35km of the 148km route remaining.

Two of the activists were sitting back-to-back tied together while others let off red smokebombs, and the breakaway was significantly hindered in its progress towards the finish.

Eurosport’s on-road commentator Bradley Wiggins reported seeing team officials leave their cars to physically remove the demonstrators, describing the conflict as “great scenes”, while police also intervened.

Race director Christian Prudhomme was forced to neutralise the stage and restore the previous time gaps, leaving many riders waiting for around 10 minutes.

Protestors on road bring Tour de France to a standstill

Tour de France 2022: Stage 10

15:51 , Dylan Terry

14km to go: The autobus has already formed on the lower slopes of this climb. The autobus is a group that forms during mountain days which consists of sprinters and domestiques whose sole objective is to complete the stage within the time cut.

There are already between 30 and 40 riders in that group off the back of the peloton.

Meanwhile, Wright is dragging Zimmerman up this climb but they remain 25 seconds adrift of Bettiol.

The main break is 17 seconds behind Wright and Zimmerman.

Tour de France 2022: Stage 10

15:47 , Dylan Terry

16km to go: Bettiol still has 20 seconds on Wright and Zimmerman who are second and third on the road. Van Baarle attacks as he look to bridge up to the pair.

Worth noting that this long climb finishes with two kilometres left of today’s stage.

Tour de France 2022: Stage 10

15:45 , Dylan Terry

17km to go: Fred Wright is flying today! He breezes past a small group who attack off the front of the breakaway and is now trying to bridge up to Alberto Bettiol.

Wright has looked astonishingly strong in this first half of the 2022 Tour.

Tour de France 2022: Stage 10

15:44 , Dylan Terry

The Last Renovation group responsible for the protest which paused the Tour stage today have added to their original statement.

After pictures emerged of the demonstration, they said: “Nonviolent disruption is our last chance to be heard and avoid the worst consequences of global warming.”

Tour de France 2022: Stage 10

15:40 , Dylan Terry

Not really sure that went to plan for the protestors.

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

Tour de France 2022: Stage 10

15:38 , Dylan Terry

20km to go: Bettiol is going to be caught by the rest of the break - who are working well together now despite a slow start after the race was paused.

Once he is brought back the moves will start again from the front group. Someone is going to pick up a Tour de France stage win today and Lennard Kamna could also be scooping the yellow jersey!

Tour de France 2022: Stage 10

15:34 , Dylan Terry

22km to go: Bettiol takes the intermediate sprint but his gap back to the remainder of the break is heading back towards 20 seconds now.

The split to the peloton goes above nine minutes and Lennard Kamna is in the virtual race lead!

Tour de France 2022: Stage 10

15:33 , Dylan Terry

24km to go: So, this is interesting. Bettiol has 27 seconds over the break. But Lennard Kamna, who is in the breakaway group, has eight minutes and 21 seconds over the peloton. He is just 8’43 off Tadej Pogacar in the general classification.

Kamna will not be considered a threat to the overall win, so will UAE relinquish the jersey to the Bora-Hansgrohe man today?

They may well do.

Last Renovation responsible for protest

15:31 , Dylan Terry

A group called Last Renovation have taken responsibility for the protest at the Tour de France today.

Their statement on social media read: “Today, 9 citizens supporting Last Renovation interrupted the 10th stage of the Tour de France between Morzine and Megève at Magland to stop the mad race towards the annihilation of our society.

“We can no longer remain spectators of the ongoing climate disaster. We have 989 days left to save our future, our humanity.

“The finish line is a ravine and we are calling on our government to turn immediately.

“Our goal is to force legislation to drastically reduce France’s emissions, starting with energy renovation, the area most likely to bring together social and climate justice today.

“This is our last chance to avoid catastrophic and irreversible consequences: deadly heat, extreme weather events, famines, mass migrations, armed conflicts… and this for all the next generations of humans.”

Tour de France 2022: Stage 10

15:27 , Dylan Terry

29km to go: Tadej Pogacar even more calm than when he is on the bike!

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

Tour de France 2022: Stage 10

15:25 , Dylan Terry

30km to go: A picture of the protestors on the road. This is what caused the race to be paused.

Protestors sit on the road during the 10th stage of the Tour de France (EPA)
Protestors sit on the road during the 10th stage of the Tour de France (EPA)

Tour de France 2022: Stage 10

15:24 , Dylan Terry

31km to go: Bettiol will have welcomed that little break before this final push towards the finish. And his gap is now out to 40 seconds!

Hofstetter is back in the main bunch and the breakaway are struggling to haul back the lone man out front, Alberto Bettiol.

Tour de France 2022: Stage 10

15:23 , Dylan Terry

34km to go: Hofstetter has set off in pursuit of Bettiol as the EF rider and the chasing break resume the stage following the pause.

The peloton will have to wait a further seven minutes before resuming as they rolled along while the race was paused.

Tour de France 2022: Stage 10

15:21 , Dylan Terry

The man in the red with the big helmet on is a race regulator. This is him telling the peloton about the race being paused.

But now we are back underway!

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

Tour de France 2022: Stage 10

15:16 , Dylan Terry

Official confirmation from the Tour de France that the race has been temporarily stopped.

Tour de France 2022: Stage 10

15:14 , Dylan Terry

36km to go: Actually, the peloton has been allowed to roll along but now they have finally come to a stop. Bettiol actually went past the demonstrators and the race was stopped shortly after he flew by.

We should be back underway fairly soon.

Tour de France 2022: Stage 10

15:12 , Dylan Terry

36km to go: We have not seen any shots of the demonstration. The race will not want to show it as that would only encourage others to do it in the future.

Meanwhile, the peloton, breakaway, and front man Alberto Bettiol are all at a standstill! Not often you see this in the Tour de France.

Tour de France 2022: Stage 10

15:09 , Dylan Terry

36km to go: OH MY GOODNESS! The race has been stopped! Seven demonstrators are on the course and as a result the race director has paused the race.

The time gaps will stay as they are and the race should resume shortly.


Tour de France 2022: Stage 10

15:06 , Dylan Terry

Always such a glorious and unique sporting setting, the Tour de France. Never fails to disappoint the fans. So great to have them back for the 2022 edition.

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

Tour de France 2022: Stage 10

15:03 , Dylan Terry

38km to go: Bettiol stamping on the pedals here. He has 25 seconds advantage and tries to get onto his team radio but nearly crashes into the cameraman’s motorbike in the process! Dear lord, that would have been truly heartbreaking.

The rest of the break need to be wary of this move. They won’t want to let him get too far in front.

Tour de France 2022: Stage 10

15:00 , Dylan Terry

41km to go: Alberto Bettiol goes off the front as the breakaway begins to attack each other. The 25 riders up front are well aware one of them is going to win the stage now as they have more than seven minute over the main bunch.

Bettiol just maintaining a handful of seconds lead ahead of the rest of the chasing group.

Tour de France 2022: Stage 10

14:59 , Dylan Terry

Some shots of the break working hard in the sunshine this afternoon. It’s a hot day and tomorrow is going to be even hotter.

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)
 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)
 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

Tour de France 2022: Stage 10

14:54 , Dylan Terry

45km to go: In theory, we are into the final 60 minutes of today’s stage given the average pace which the riders have kept up for the first two and a half hours.

You wouldn’t describe it as a difficult day for the peloton, but it has still been fast and included a very disruptive start.

No such thing as a proper day off in the Tour de France.

Tour de France 2022: Stage 10

14:51 , Dylan Terry

47km to go: Rolland attacks off the front of the break to clinch another point for the polkadot jersey competition. Simon Geschke will keep the jersey for at least another day, though, despite not making the break this afternoon.

Marc Hirschi is back with his UAE teammates at the front of the peloton so Pogacar does have four teammates with him. But not sure he’s going to need them today as the pace has gone out of the main bunch.

Tour de France 2022: Stage 10

14:49 , Dylan Terry

49km to go: Into the final 50 kilometres of the day we go.

A weird moment as the three UAE riders on the front momentarily drift off the front of the peloton as Jumbo-Visma and Ineos Grenadiers wait for Pogacar to join them but he has no intention of doing so! The UAE train eventually comes back to the main bunch, but that was a little tactical mind game from the yellow jersey.

Now, will the breakaway split up on the Cote de Chatillon-sur-Cluses? We are onto it.

Tour de France 2022: Stage 10

14:46 , Dylan Terry

52km to go: The breakaway is about to begin the third climb of the day. It is the Cote de Chatillon-sur-Cluses which is 4.5km at 3.9 per cent.

So, not a savage incline but a tester of the legs. Many of the riders in this big group will want it to break up soon. They will want to get rid of the fast finishers.

Gap to the peloton exceeds six minutes as Van Aert returns to the Jumbo-Visma team car for a chat with his director. Will they try anything today?

Tour de France 2022: Stage 10

14:42 , Dylan Terry

55km to go: We have British interest in today’s breakaway as Bahrain-Victorious’ Fred Wright is a part of the 25-man front group.

The London-born rider went clear of all his other breakaway compatriots on stage eight but was caught inside the final five kilometres. Incredibly, he failed to receive the combativity award for his efforts - which is handed out daily to the most aggressive rider.

Can he produce a similar display today? He will want to go one step further and make it to the finish. He is a fast sprinter too, Wright.

Tour de France 2022: Stage 10

14:37 , Dylan Terry

60km to go: The gap back to the main bunch has just ticked over the five-minute mark. Pogacar’s three UAE domestiques are taking charge at the front of the peloton but it is more of a symbolic gesture than anything else.

Nobody is going to chase down a break of that size today.

Tour de France 2022: Stage 10

14:32 , Dylan Terry

62km to go: That was a close shave! Gilbert goes far too wide on a left-hand turn and almost sweeps straight into the curb! He manages to control his bike in the nick of time and chops back into the road to avoid slamming into the pavement.

A reminder that the riders have to be paying attention 100 per cent of the time in this three-week race.

Tour de France 2022: Stage 10

14:29 , Dylan Terry

65km to go: The breakaway is flying down the descent of this third category climb. At the rate they are going, this stage could be over by 4pm BST!

We are well into the second half of today’s stage and the peloton are enjoying a well-earned break after a frantic first hour.

Tour de France 2022: Stage 10

14:26 , Dylan Terry

70km to go: Lennard Kamna the best-placed rider on GC from today’s 25-rider breakaway. He is 8’43 behind yellow jersey Tadej Pogacar, so we don’t envisage a change in leadership at the end of the stage.

The gap goes above four minutes for the first time as Fred Wright looks to push on and try to trim the size of the break down on the descent.

Tour de France 2022: Stage 10

14:22 , Dylan Terry

The break for today’s lumpy stage as we head into the Alps.

Tour de France 2022: Stage 10

14:19 , Dylan Terry

76km to go: Pierre Rolland takes the two points on offer at the top of the Col de Jambaz. The Frenchman also claims 30 euros as a small prize!

The race has really settled down now as the gap to the break continues to stretch out towards 3’30. The winner of today’s stage will undoubtedly come from this big front group.

Tour de France 2022: Stage 10

14:15 , Dylan Terry

79km to go: Some huge names in that break then. Kamna, Wright, Clarke, Pedersen and Cort Nielsen have all shown already in this race that they have the form to win today’s stage.

UAE Team Emirates one of the few teams to miss the move. But I’m not sure they were hoping to get into the break in the first place. With Hirschi still off the back, Pogacar has just three teammates in the main bunch.

Will Jumbo-Visma or Ineos Grenadiers look to try and isolate the yellow jersey at some stage this afternoon?

One kilometre from the top of the second climb of the day and the break already have three minutes.

Tour de France 2022: Stage 10

14:11 , Dylan Terry

81km to go: That’s the break gone and it’s 25 riders! A huge number in the end as the peloton put on the handbrake and a host of riders stop for a toilet break.

So here are the riders in the break: Lennard Kamna, Luis Leon Sanchez, Benjamin Thomas, Mathias Jorgensen, Nick Schultz, Ion Izaguirre, Alberto Bettiol, Simone Velasco, Edvald Boasson-Hagen, Philippe Gilbert, Dylan van Baarle, Georg Zimmerman, Kristian Sbaragil, Fred Wright, Christophe Laporte, Hugo Hofstetter, Simon Clarke, Pierre Rolland, Jack Bauer, Filippo Ganna, Connor Swift, Mads Pedersen, Magnus Cort Nielsen and Quinn Simmons.

You’re welcome!

Tour de France 2022: Stage 10

14:04 , Dylan Terry

85km to go: Philippe Gilbert accurately summing up the first 60 kilometres of today’s stage with one facial expression.

The two front groups have now come together and we have 12 riders in the break, although they only have a slim advantage. Will bring you all the names in this group as soon as I am sure it is going clear...

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

Tour de France 2022: Stage 10

14:01 , Dylan Terry

87km to go: The average speed of today’s stage is still well above 50km/h as we approach the halfway stage inside the next 30 minutes or so.

Eight more riders have launched themselves off the front in pursuit of the four men 16 seconds clear of the peloton. Rolland pushes on ahead of Sanchez, Van Baarle and Gilbert.

Tour de France 2022: Stage 10

13:59 , Dylan Terry

89km to go: We are still 10 kilometres away from the official start of the Col de Jambaz. Remarkable really because, in truth, the riders are already climbing - this is by no means flat.

Van Baarle, Sanchez, Rolland and Gilbert have just 12 seconds over the main peloton. Maybe that quartet won’t be the break of the day!

The riders have already completed 60 kilometres today. It has been relentless attacking.

Tour de France 2022: Stage 10

13:54 , Dylan Terry

92 km to go: This is a very old breakaway! Philippe Gilbert celebrated his 40th birthday during the first week of this year’s Tour de France. Luis Leon Sanchez is 38, Pierre Rolland is 35, and Dylan van Baarle is a more modest 30.

Given how young the best riders in the world now are, it’s quite refreshing to see!

Tour de France 2022: Stage 10

13:52 , Dylan Terry

94km to go: Very interesting dynamic here. Pogacar will want the break to go so Hirschi can get back onto the main bunch. By contrast, Jumbo-Visma and Ineos will want these attacks to continue onto the Col de Jambaz.

The climb - which is yet to officially start despite the false flat - is 6.7 kilometres long at 3.8 per cent.

Dylan van Baarle goes onto the attack as Gougeard drops back to the peloton. Is this finally the crucial move? He has been joined by Luis Leon Sanchez, Philippe Gilbert and Pierre Rolland.

What a foursome!

Tour de France 2022: Stage 10

13:48 , Dylan Terry

96km to go: There appears to be a group of 15 riders up front who have managed to eek out a small gap to the rest of the peloton.

Tadej Pogacar and Wout van Aert appear at the very front of the main bunch and look to be marshalling who makes the break.

Meanwhile, Pogacar’s teammate Marc Hirschi has been dropped yet again. The yellow jersey already down to just THREE teammates after George Bennett’s coronavirus positive before today’s stage.

Tour de France 2022: Stage 10

13:43 , Dylan Terry

98km to go: Quinn Simons trying to attack off the front yet again. Gougeard remains the only rider up the road and he will want others to join him in the break. He can’t do today all on his own!

Jakob Fuglsang has gone with Simons in the pursuit but Ineos do not appear to want this to go. This is a major fight to get into the break.

Tour de France 2022: Stage 10

13:41 , Dylan Terry

Stage winners so far:

  • Stage 1 - Yves Lampaert

  • Stage 2 - Fabio Jakobsen

  • Stage 3 - Dylan Groenewegen

  • Stage 4 - Wout van Aert

  • Stage 5 - Simon Clarke

  • Stage 6 - Tadej Pogacar

  • Stage 7 - Tadej Pogacar

  • Stage 8 - Wout van Aert

  • Stage 9 - Bob Jungels

As you can see, it’s been the Pogacar and Van Aert show so far at this year’s Tour de France. Head and shoulders the two best riders in the race.

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

Tour de France 2022: Stage 10

13:37 , Dylan Terry

102km to go: Gougeard’s lead extends back out to 20 seconds - a very impressive ride given he has been all on his own for more than 10 kilometres today.

A good 30 riders still clambering off the front of the main bunch as they try to slip away and form an established break.

Already 46 kilometres into today’s stage and we do not yet have a front group.

Tour de France 2022: Stage 10

13:35 , Dylan Terry

106km to go: Hitting speeds of 70km/h on this descent as Alexis Gougeard continues to enjoy a 10 second lead off the front but his advantage is coming down all the time.

There is no way a solo rider is getting away today. It is going to have to be a strong group, particularly given it is a short stage.

Bahrain-Victorious’ Matej Mohoric leads the peloton down the climb.

Tour de France 2022: Stage 10

13:33 , Dylan Terry

The best sporting event you can attend anywhere in the world for free.

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

Tour de France 2022: Stage 10

13:29 , Dylan Terry

112km to go: The weather in the Alps today is around 27C. So the riders will need to keep themselves cool if they are to avoid overheating and gassing as this short stage goes on.

Water and food must be consumed throughout every stage, with domestiques frequently returning to their team cars to fetch refreshments for themselves and their team leaders.

It is just one of a host of jobs which the less senior riders do to make things as comfortable as possible for their leaders during the three-week race.

Meanwhile at the front of the race, Alexis Gougeard of B&B Hotels has grabbed a 30-second advantage on the peloton.

Tour de France 2022: Stage 10

13:25 , Dylan Terry

115km to go: Benjamin Thomas has been brought back by the peloton as we head down another descent before the third category Col de Jambaz - the second of four categorised climbs on today’s stage.

Ineos Grenadiers rider Dylan van Baarle is on the front keeping things under control. Filippo Ganna was involved in an early move, so it may well be that Ineos want to be a part of the break today.

Tour de France 2022: Stage 10

13:24 , Dylan Terry

Here is how Pierre Latour secured the one point on offer at the top of the Cote de Chevenoz.

Tour de France 2022: Stage 10

13:20 , Dylan Terry

119km to go: Benjamin Thomas of Cofidis is the man furthest off the front, with Quinn Simons joining Chris Froome but the pair are brought back.

The peloton appear to be in a bit of limbo as to what to do just now. They seem to be contemplating whether or not to let Thomas go.

Still a lot of riders trying to jump away and join the lone leader.

Tour de France 2022: Stage 10

13:17 , Dylan Terry

122km to go: Over the top of the Cote de Chevenoz we go and it is Pierre Latour who sprints to take the one point at the top of the short climb.

And here goes four-time Tour de France winner Chris Froome! The British rider has gone off the front in an attempt to get into today’s breakaway. Great to see!

Tour de France 2022: Stage 10

13:14 , Dylan Terry

124km to go: Already some fine scenery at the beginning of stage 10. The Alps never disappoints when it comes to the aesthetics of each stage.

Bettiol and Cosnefroy have both been caught and we are all back together again after 24 kilometres of racing. We envisage the breakaway attempts will carry on for some time.

Tour de France 2022: Stage 10

13:09 , Dylan Terry

126 km to go: AG2R rider Oliver Naesen is already off the back of this group. Sprinter Caleb Ewan has also been dropped such is the pace at the front.

On such a short stage, with an up and down tempo, that is worrying for those trying to complete the day within the time cut.

A little sub-plot to watch out for, that.

Meanwhile, Bettiol and Benoit Cosnefroy are the two men up the road with a nine-second advantage. You don’t imagine they will be the break of the day.

Tour de France 2022: Stage 10

13:06 , Dylan Terry

128 km to go: We head onto the first climb of the day - the Cote de Chevenoz. It is a 4.2km ascent at just 2.9 per cent.

Still no breakaway yet. Alberto Bettiol has scampered up the road alongside an AG2R rider. They grab 10 seconds or so but the peloton is still setting a relentless pace at the beginning of today’s stage.

No attack from Wout van Aert yet. Shocking.

Tour de France 2022: Stage 10

13:04 , Dylan Terry

132km to go: A frantic start to today’s race as we cover the first 16 kilometres inside the opening 15 minutes.

A reminder that UAE have already lost George Bennett due to a positive Covid test - the team’s second positive of the race.

They actually have three positives but Rafal Majka - Tadej Pogacar’s chief lieutenant - has been allowed to continue despite the positive test as his viral load is sufficiently low.

Not ideal for the race leader ahead of three crucial days in the Alps.

Tour de France 2022: Stage 10

13:01 , Dylan Terry

138km to go: Former world road race champion Philippe Gilbert is the first man to have a dig off the front but his move is swiftly shut down by the peloton.

Mathieu Burgaudeau is the next man to try his luck off the front... yet again the front of the peloton keeps the pace high and snuffs out the move.

Could be a while until the race settles.

Tour de France 2022: Stage 10

12:57 , Dylan Terry

145km to go: There’s a 16-kilometre descent at the start of today’s stage. There have been no attacks out of the bunch just yet. You imagine the breakaway riders may want to wait until we begin climbing to really try and establish an advantage.

Could well be a day for the break, especially given Wednesday and Thursday are expected to be days for the GC guys.

So we may well see yet another frantic battle to get into the front group this afternoon.

Tour de France 2022: Stage 10

12:55 , Dylan Terry

Will Pogacar and his tufts of hair be put under pressure today? On the face of it the stage may not be hard enough to trouble the Slovenian - with Wednesday and Thursday more obvious opportunities for Jumbo-Visma and Ineos Grenadiers to put their foot on the gas.

But every day has to count from here on in if Pogacar is to be blown off course in his pursuit of a third successive Tour de France title.

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(AFP via Getty Images)

Tour de France 2022: Stage 10 underway

12:52 , Dylan Terry

148 km to go: Stage 10 is here! We are underway with the first stage after the rest day as the riders kick off a gruelling three days in the Alps.

Another teammate of Pogacar abandons race

12:50 , Dylan Terry

New Zealand’s George Bennett became the second team mate of defending champion Tadej Pogacar to leave the race after a positive Covid-19 test, his UAE Emirates team said on Tuesday.

“On Monday he was tested as per internal protocols of the team and returned a positive result. This was confirmed with a PCR test,” UAE said in a statement.

“Therefore he will not start today,” team doctor Adrian Rotunno said.

Last Saturday, Vegard Stake Laengen also pulled out with Covid-19, which means that Pogacar’s team are now down to six riders going into a gruelling week in the Alps.

Another teammate of reigning champion Tadej Pogacar abandons Tour de France

Tour de France 2022: Stage 10

12:47 , Dylan Terry

We have reached the end of the neutral zone as today’s stage prepares to get underway. Race director Christian Prudhomme is just holding it back for a few moments due to a couple of mishaps during the roll-out.

Should be getting the 148-kilometre stage underway any moment now.

Durbridge out of Tour after Covid positive

12:45 , Dylan Terry

Australian rider Luke Durbridge has also been forced to withdraw from the Tour de France after testing positive for coronavirus.

The Team Bike Exchange rider is the fifth member of the peloton to test positive for Covid since the race began on July 1.

A statement from the team read: “Unfortunately Luke Durbridge has tested positive for COVID-19 this morning. Durbridge has very mild symptoms & will not start today’s stage 10.”

Tour de France 2022: Stage 10

12:36 , Dylan Terry

The riders have rolled out but will still need to complete a few kilometres before they get to the start of the stage proper.

Imagine that? Having to cycle to the START of a 148-kilometre day of racing! You don’t envy these riders.

Tour de France: Week one recap

12:35 , Dylan Terry

A little video recap of the first week of this year’s Tour de France. It’s certainly been entertaining and suitably gruelling for all of the riders.

It promises to be another incredibly arduous fortnight ahead.

Jungels reacts to stage nine victory

12:25 , Dylan Terry

Bob Jungels took victory for AG2R on Sunday before the rest day. It was a superb solo win from a large breakaway which stayed clear all afternoon.

Reacting to the win afterwards, he said: “I am just overwhelmed to be honest. This is huge. This is what I came here for. I know this means a lot for the team. After a couple of years struggling and a very tough year last year to take the victory this way, it’s my style of racing so I’m just super happy.

“I saw that my shape was getting better day by day. To do something like this I knew I had to do it from quite far because with the last climb I would not have been able to ride away from the favourites.

“I knew if I was going to make it I could make up some time on the downhill and flat. The last two kilometres were endless. Being in the mix and winning a stage is a big step and today I took all the risks I could and it happened. Thanks to my team and everyone who believed in me over the last years.”

Van Aert the star of the race

12:15 , Dylan Terry

It’s rare that a general classification rider as dominant as Tadej Pogacar is not the first name on everyone’s lips after nine days in the saddle.

But that is the case because of the generational talent that is Wout van Aert. The Belgian finished second in each of the first three stages, before winning the fourth.

He then secured another win on stage eight and has all but secured the green jersey already (he sits 135 points clear of second place Fabio Jakobsen.

He has been described as the most complete rider since Eddy Merckx. A sprinter, time trialist, climber, breakaway specialist, cyclo-cross rider. Truly remarkable stuff.

Pogcar teammate Bennett out with Covid

12:05 , Dylan Terry

A major blow for Tadej Pogacar. A second of his teammates, George Bennett, has been ruled out of the race after testing positive for coronavirus.

A statement from UAE Team Emirates read: “Sadly our rider George Bennett tested positive for Covid-19 and will not continue today in the Tour de France.”

Not ideal for the two-time Tour champion. He is now down to just five domestiques left in this race.

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

Pogacar on course for third successive Tour title

11:55 , Dylan Terry

Tadej Pogacar stopped short of calling himself a ‘Cannibal’ for stage victories after securing two in the opening week of the race.

Speaking on the rest day, he said: “I mean, who doesn’t want to always win? But I don’t see myself as a Cannibal.

“I think yesterday [Sunday] was about setting the pace that all the riders like in the team. And at a certain point it looked like we were going to go for the stage but the guys in the front were too strong.

“We then kept things under control to the finish line and we sprinted with 350 metres to go. Only Jonas Vingegaard was on my wheel and we gaped the others for three seconds, which is always good.”

Rewind to stage nine

11:45 , Dylan Terry

Here is how the stage played out on Sunday as the breakaway contested the victory.

Bob Jungels clung on to win stage nine of the Tour de France in Chatel as a breakaway was allowed its fun on Sunday.

Jungels went solo off the penultimate categorised climb of the 193-kilometre stage from Aigle to the Portes du Soleil ski station, still with some 64km to go, and held off a spirited late attack from Thibaut Pinot.

The Frenchman, who chose a day spent almost entirely in Switzerland to try to deliver a first home success of this Tour, closed a gap that had stood at around two minutes with a little more than 20km to go and got to within 20 seconds.

But Jungels, who had built his advantage by tackling the descent of the Col de la Croix at speeds nearing 100km an hour, extended his gap on the descent to the short uncategorised climb to the finish to claim his first career Tour stage.

Bob Jungels holds off Thibaut Pinot charge to claim first career Tour stage win

Tour de France 2022: Stage 10

11:35 , Dylan Terry

Four-time Tour de France winner Chris Froome, who sits 37th overall after nine stages of this year’s race, insists he is feeling better as the race is progressing and is looking for opportunities.

He said: "For me personally, I'm feeling better and better. Hoping to have a look around and stay awake for opportunities, really see what opportunities present themselves in the race, and if the legs are good, I'm certainly going to go for it.

"This first period of the race has been tough. I've struggled a little bit with my health this last week, but I'm definitely feeling better getting to this first rest day. I feel especially after that cobbled stage it was just all in my chest coughing up dust for the next couple days.

"I'm certainly hoping the legs will be good going into these mountain stages coming up.”

Tour de France 2022: Stage 10

11:25 , Dylan Terry

Here is the route for the riders today then and as you can see it is not one the sprinters’ legs will be welcoming.

The 148 kilometre stage kicks off with a descent for the first 16km and the up and down nature of the stage continues throughout.

They begin climbing with the category four Cote de Chevenoz, before the third category Col de Jambaz and the fourth category Cote de Chatillon-sur-Cluses.

There is then an intermediate sprint 25km out from the finish (which Van Aert will be hoping he can make and win) before the 19km climb to the finish.

Strenuous day.


Tour de France 2022: Stage 10

11:15 , Dylan Terry

During the rest day, 2018 Tour winner and current third place Geraint Thomas rated Tadej Pogacar above the past champions of the race which he has competed alongside - including the likes of Chris Froome and Alberto Contador.

When asked how he compares with those legends of the sport, Thomas said: “I think he’s just a level above.

“I think Nibali and Contador were great climbers, and Froome could climb and time trial really well. But Pogačar has got everything.

“He’s got the sprint, he can ride the cobbles, he can do everything, really. Phenomenal. I just can’t see how he won’t continue to be the biggest favourite for the next five or six years.”

Tour de France 2022: Stage 10

11:08 , Dylan Terry

The top 10 in the general classification as we head into stage 10:

1. Tadej Pogacar (Slo/UAE Team Emirates) 33hrs 43mins 44secs

2. Jonas Vingegaard (Den/Jumbo-Visma) +39secs

3. Geraint Thomas (GB/Ineos Grenadiers) +1min 17secs

4. Adam Yates (GB/Ineos Grenadiers) +1min 25secs

5. David Gaudu (Fra/Groupama-FDJ) +1min 38secs

6. Romain Bardet (Fra/DSM) +1min 39secs

7. Tom Pidcock (GB/Ineos Grenadiers) +1min 46secs

8. Enric Mas (Spa/Movistar) +1min 50secs

9. Neilson Powless (US/EF Education-EasyPost +1min 55secs

10. Nairo Quintana (Col/Arkea Samsic) +2mins 13secs

Tour de France 2022: Stage 10

11:01 , Dylan Terry

Welcome to The Independent’s live coverage of stage 10 of the 2022 Tour de France.

Coming off the back of a rest day, we have a big mountain stage to keep you up to date with this afternoon. The riders tackle four climbs throughout the course of the 148 kilometres.

And it finishes with a mammoth 19km climb up to the finish - albeit it at 4 per cent.

Can anyone crack Tadej Pogacar?

Tour de France 2022 – stage 10

09:21 , Lawrence Ostlere

Follow all the latest updates from stage 10 of the Tour de France.