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There are some cool sights in the building…

Whenever we go on trips, we try to find a way to hit up some interesting car museums. While some of the great ones like Petersen are large and well-known, there are always those gems which might be a little obscure but have some very cool cars housed inside.

Tour an abandoned car museum here.

Admittedly, we’ve never heard of the Museum of Vehicle Evolution, but that might be because it’s located in Shepparton, which is in Victoria, Australia. With the incredibly strict government restrictions in place there at the moment, we likely won’t be visiting for some time. Thankfully, YouTube channel Haulass Garage is local and recently posted a tour of the inside of the building with all its amazing cars. Through that we get a much better feel for what the museum is all about, even though the tour is relatively short at just over 20 minutes.

From the name, you might gather this automotive museum focuses on how cars have changed or evolved over the years. While it focuses on the unique aspects of the Australian market, there are examples from other parts of the world as well.

Housed in the collection is a constantly-changing group of vehicles. Among them are items from the Holden Heritage Collection. The museum tries to maintain models from every era of automotive history, from the horseless carriages of the Bronze Age to the tail fins and rocket taillights of the Post-War era, all the way to the technologically-advanced rides of today.

Not all the vehicles at the Museum of Vehicle Evolution are consumer cars. There’s a rotating display of commercial trucks at the Kenworth Dealer Truck Pavilion. Transporters of the different eras are there for people to check out closely.

What’s particularly surprising is the website mentions the Garth Wallace Harley Davidson Museum being housed in the museum. The iconic motorcycles are beloved around the world, even though some Americans seem intent on hating them with every fiber of their being.

The museum also has some non-car exhibits for the people who aren’t gearheads. For example, the Loel Thomson Cloth Collection shows off 200 years of Australian clothing with 10,000 different items.

Check out the video tour for yourself.

Photos credit: Museum of Vehicle Evolution Facebook page

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