Tower Bridge Dinner Returning

The table is set for one of the most iconic fundraisers in Sacramento.

Video Transcript

- And we are officially one week out from California is reopening. June 15th, most COVID restrictions will be lifted in this state. Setting the stage for one of the most iconic fundraisers in Sacramento.

- We're talking about the Tower Bridge dinner. CBS 13's Rachel live shows us why the chefs making it possible are an example of the resilience we have come to know during the pandemic.

- Overall for us, it's about health.

- Uc Davis Health's executive Chef Santana Diaz is going over recipes for this year's Tower Bridge dinner.

- It was quite disappointing, you know. When we had just started having meetings in last March as a team.

- Diaz will bring his experience to the table. He's changed hospital food prioritizing fresh ingredients from local farmers. He will get some help from other chefs doing the same. They'll prepare more than 800 dinners for the iconic fundraiser. Even though the chefs were selected in 2020, they represent the year that was.

- We obviously have chefs Santana who is part of a hospital network in a time that we're so reliant on health care. We also have an executive chef from rallies in a time when so many of us were looking to the grocery stores as kind of our touchstones.

- Other restaurants represented provided outdoor dining and to-go options when there weren't many dining options at all. This year, Chef Diaz is bucking from tradition when it comes to the menu.

- There will be a surprise, whole food, plant based dish that we will be doing and serving for the first time at the Tower Bridge.

- The Tower Bridge dinner leading into the farm to fork festival, drawing over 100,000 to the area. Organizers hope this year, the guest list is as diverse as the food in front of them.

- Our sponsors have a great opportunity this year to join Visit Sacramento in prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusion including when it comes to who they invite to sit at their tables.

- What I'd love people to do is be able to take away you know, what food is really about. You know, that relationship and where it comes from. You know, understanding that source transparency's important.

- Ticket info will be available and announced that on July 15th.

- And all the farm to fork events will return this September including the farm to fork festival in the capital mall.