Town of Clarksville adding traffic lights to Brown Station Way intersection

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Aug. 4—CLARKSVILLE — Work is ongoing in Clarksville as crews make improvements to an intersection on Brown Station Way.

Bradley Cummings, public works director for the Town of Clarksville, said a series of projects will "increase the overall safety of movement" on the intersection of Brown Station Way, North Clark Boulevard and Leuthart Drive, including the installation of traffic lights with a pedestrian crosswalk.

It is a dangerous intersection, Cummings said, and a number of fatalities have occurred in the project area in recent years, including a fatal wreck in 2018 that shut down the pedestrian walkway above Brown Station Way.

"What we came up with as part of the plan was, with the pedestrian bridge knocked down, we needed some source of pedestrian movements across Brown Station Way that's safer," he said.

The project included a study by Clark Dietz, and the intersection improvements cost approximately $1.47 million. The traffic lights will be active within the next couple weeks, according to Cummings.

Crews extended the sidewalk from Bowne Boulevard up to Brown Station Way, and the pedestrian crosswalk will allow people to safely cross the roadway.

Fencing has also been installed on North Clark Boulevard along Brown Station Way so people can safely walk on the sidewalks.

In late September or early October, shrubs and trees will be placed in the intersection area on both North Clark Boulevard and Leuthart Drive, Cummings said.

In addition to improving safety, the project will have other benefits for residents in the area, he said.

"Currently for those residents who live in the Green Acres area, which is on the North Clark Side, and the Midway area in the Clarksville Middle School area — they only have one access to a controlled intersection to get onto Brown Station Way on Randolph Avenue," Cummings said.

"This provides a second access point to Brown Station Way on North Clark."