Town and Country Gardeners learn maple syrup process

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Maple syrup was the focus of the March meeting of Town and Country Gardeners of Alliance.

During the meeting at Rodman Public Library, members enjoyed a presentation from Beth Cunningham and Carol Morgan.

Cunningham shared a brief history of rendering sap from maple trees, detailing how the Indians first hollowed out logs and then used heated stones. She then went into detail about the modern methods, using information Maple Valley Farms in North Georgetown shared.

Cunningham said she learned the maple syrup process from her grandfather, Virgil Stoffer.

The women brought tools used in the process, and then also shared tastes of strained, unprocessed juice right from the trees.

During the business meeting, group treasurer Beverly Montagner passed out copies of the 2023 budget. The group also voted on philanthropic projects for Silver Park in Alliance.

Members learned of a May auction and spring district meeting, a change of location for the Christmas party and the April club meeting. Barbara Shoemaker and Alice Braisted will be hosts for the April meeting at Almost Home Event Center in Sebring, with a program on Ohio pollinators in the backyard scheduled.

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