Towson Resident, Healthcare Worker Bryan Schlein Claims $40,000 VaxCash Prize

A Towson University healthcare worker and Towson resident won the June 5 drawing for $40,000 in Maryland's $2 million VaxCash promotion. He picked up his giant check in Baltimore Wednesday.

Video Transcript

DENISE KOCH: Well, another vaccine lottery winner coming forward to claim their $40,000 prize.

- This time it's a Towson man collecting the check. Bryan Schlein won the June 5 drawing. The 39-year-old was between jobs during the pandemic when Towson University was looking for a site co-ordinator at the university's COVID-19 testing program.

Schlein quickly hopped on board, testing students and staff throughout the pandemic.

DENISE KOCH: He says he plans to save most of the money, but that he also plans to use some to celebrate his 40th birthday with a trip to the Disney resort in Tokyo, Japan.

- That is quite a gift.


- Enjoy.