Toxicology Report on Three Kansas City Men Who Died After Watch Party Shows Traces of Substance As Friend Seeks Rehab, Report Says

Kansas City Police have obtained the toxicology report for the three men who mysteriously died after attending their friend’s football watch party.

It comes as the families of 36-year-old Clayton McGeeney, 37-year-old David Harrington, and 38-year-old Ricky Johnson have been waiting weeks for answers. The report, according to Fox 4, will reveal if the deceased had consumed any substances like alcohol or drugs.

Although the report has not been made public, sources told the outlet that substances were found in their systems. A spokesperson for the police department said the case is still being treated as a death investigation. They are still awaiting the autopsy results.

Kansas City Man Says He Slept for Two Days While His Three Friends Froze to Death In His Backyard, But a New Witness Raises More Questions About the Mysterious Deaths
Jordan Willis hosted his group of friends at his rental home in Kansas City earlier this month. (Photo: Fox4/ YouTube screenshot)

“There have been no additional details of this case revealed to any media, nor are there any plans to at this time,” police said, per the outlet. “Both KCPD Detectives and the Platte County Prosecutor’s Office have been in touch with the deceased men’s families and remain in contact with them as the investigation unfolds.”

McGeeney, Harrington, and Johnson visited their friend Jordan Willis to watch the Kansas City Chiefs and Los Angeles Chargers on Jan. 7. Two days later, the trio were found dead on his porch and backyard.

McGeeney’s fiancée broke into Willis’ home and made the harrowing discovery. Willis’ attorney, John Picerno, said that his client doesn’t know how his longtime friends died or that their families were searching for them. Picerno added that Willis didn’t receive any messages about what was happening.

A fifth person was also in attendance that night. He claimed that the group was awake and watching television when he left the house. The unidentified man’s attorney, Andrew Talge, said his client texted Willis after McGeeney’s fiancée and Johnson’s mother reached out to him but didn’t receive a reply. Picerno said Willis didn’t receive any calls or texts throughout the debacle.

In an interview with People, Johnson’s brother speculated that the men may have consumed something that night.

“If I were to give a hypothesis … for the three men to die in the way that they did, something had to have been in their system,” Jonathan Price said. “Whether or not it was taken knowingly, I wouldn’t answer that.”

Since last month’s incident, Willis has moved out of the rental property and is now in a rehab facility to tackle addiction, according to Fox 4. And the victims’ families finally feel like authorities and officials are starting to prioritize the case.

“I want to see what action is being taken, and that’s most important — what action is being taken,” McGeeney’s cousin, Caleb, told the outlet.

Toxicology Report on Three Kansas City Men Who Died After Watch Party Shows Traces of Substance As Friend Seeks Rehab, Report Says