TPD arrests man accused of raping a woman at gunpoint while dressed as a woman

Warning: this article contains descriptions of sexual assault.

A man has been arrested after the Tulsa Police Department [TPD] said he raped a woman at gunpoint.

Officers say Brandon Herd was dressed as a woman as he committed the crime.

It happened Tuesday night at a motel near 51st and Harvard. The victim said she was standing outside of her hotel room when a man, dressed as a woman, asked if she knew where he could buy some drugs.

After she said no, Captain Richard Meulenberg of TPD said, “He forced his way in at gunpoint - hitting her with a pistol. And forcing her further into this room at this hotel and unfortunately committed this rape. Not only once but twice. It was pretty awful, he had the gun the entire time.”

The victim said Herd raped her while pointing a gun at her head. An elderly friend of the victim was in the room during the attack.

Before he left, the victim said Herd ransacking her room. Investigators say Herd stole the victim’s personal belongings and then left in a yellow car.

Motel employees called police Thursday after spotting Herd in the area. TPD then launched its helicopter to search for Herd.

The helicopter actually spotted the suspect, but initially thought they had the wrong person because Herd was dressed like a woman.

“So they got off of that target and looked further,” said Captain Meulenberg.

TPD eventually located the suspect.

“It actually turned out that the suspect was actually in fact dressed as a woman,” said Meulenburg.

The victim identified Herd as the suspect, and he was in possession of her items.

Herd faces charges of first-degree rape after a former conviction of a felony, robbery by force or fear after a former conviction of a felony, and failure to register as a sex offender.

Herd remains in jail on a $205,000 bond.