TPD's Mimi Parrish awarded Admnistrative Assistant of the Year

Nov. 17—Last Wednesday, Mimi Parrish of the Thomasville Police Department was awarded as the Administrative Assistant of the Year in District 2 by the Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police.

Major Shane Harris said that in Parrish's four decades of service, there were many qualities that she had shown that motivated him and other executive officers to send letters nominating her for the award.

"Well, me and a couple of the executive officers of the police department, put Ms. Parrish in it for her devotion to work, her sacrifice, she does everything just to make sure that the police department runs as smoothly as possible," he said. "Her knowledge of operations within the police department, just everything about her time management skills, her friendliness and cooperation to get jobs done, were in the letters that were reviewed."

Measured up against other nominees for the award in District 2, Parrish was recognized for her exceptional service and received her award during a ceremony in Lagrange, Georgia.

Harris said that she would be missed, if she were to ever not be at the police department, saying that she keeps things running smoothly.

"I think she would be sorely missed if she were not here," Harris said. "She makes this place run a lot smoother. We kid her and say that she's the assistant chief or that she is the 'one and a half.' The chief is number one, so we put her right up under him."