Trading Spaces' alum Genevieve Gorder on the COVID-19 crisis

When things get really bad, home does really good, Genevieve Gorder believes. The interior designer and TV personality — who marks Sept. 11 and the 2008 stock market crash as crescendoes in her home career — says that’s because “it's where we nest and it's where we repair, we recalibrate and reinvent so we can go out again.”

While stay at home orders in many states are easing, home life — or the cradle, as Gorder likes to refer to it — is still emphasized, and will continue to play a larger part in people’s daily routines. Because of the increased time spent inside, the lifestyle expert from Trading Spaces fame and Netflix’s Stay Here says that we see all the layers of home in a different and deeper way, like the cracks and old furniture, and when all those little details aren't working together, it can almost feel like you're stubbing your toe every day. That’s why Gorder, speaking during Yahoo’s Reset Your Mindset event, believes that even small fixes can be a really great medicine. “Let the light in, open the windows, bring in some brighter colors to change your mood. It really is more than just psychology. It is absolutely true,” she says.

Video produced by Gaby Levesque