‘It’s such a tragedy;’ Community gathers to attend funeral of boy killed in Clark Co. bus crash

Northwestern Local Schools were closed Monday so that anyone who wanted to could go to the funeral of the 11-year-old boy who was killed in a bus crash in Clark County.

Aiden Clark’s death has impacted many across the community.

>> No classes today at Northwestern Schools for funeral of 11-year-old killed in Clark Co. bus crash

“My kids have grown up in that district and it’s just heartbreaking realizing the loss of a child,” said Lyle Dodson, who was among the group of mourners that lined up in their cars to show their support from across the street from the church.

“It’s such a tragedy, such a young life to be taken this way,” said Randy Dotto, who is still struggling with what happened. “My wife and I are here primarily to mourn with those that are...I can’t imagine what they’re feeling.”

Amid the unimaginable, there has been good seen in Clark County, like the show of support at the funeral.

>> Driver accused in deadly Clark Co. school bus crash appears in court for bond hearing

Dodson and Dotto say they take comfort in seeing that.

“The Northwestern district is one that supports its families and I’m glad I’m a part of that. I don’t live there right now, but I did live there for many years ago. So it’s a heartfelt support,” Dodson said.

“I think it’s definitely one of those things that does bring the community together,” Dotto said.

Dotto says while he doesn’t understand the tragedy that took Clark, he does know what his faith tells him.

“I know God is good, and I know that he’ll make good of this in ways that we don’t understand right now, but it will make sense,” he said.

The bus from farthest away was from a district in Trumbull County, which is in the Youngstown-area and is more than a three-hour drive from Springfield.