New trailer for AMC’s Interview With The Vampire addresses toxic relationships

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Interview With The Vampire
Interview With The Vampire

Despite the fact that it’s based on a pretty famous book that was previously adapted into a pretty famous movie, the San Diego Comic-Con trailer for AMC’s new Interview With The Vampire series seemed to present two of its biggest plot points as spoilers: For one thing, there wasn’t a ton of explicit vampire stuff, or at least there wasn’t much of Sam Reid’s Lestat, and the reveal of the actual interview framing device (and interviewer Daniel, played by Eric Bogosian this time around) didn’t come in until a post-credits stinger of sorts.

This new teaser jumps right to the vampires, the interviews, and the romantic, tortured existence that Anne Rice’s vampires (particularly Jacob Anderson’s Louis) know so well. It’s a short promo, but there’s also a good bit of Lestat and a lot more of Bogosian, who fully does not buy Louis’ insistence that being a vampire who must constantly cater to the whims of the charismatic Lestat is actually good and sexy. Louis says that he and Lestat were “equals” in “the quiet dark,” but Bogosian’s Daniel notes that it was still an “abused/abuser relationship.”

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The series also stars Bailey Bass (as Claudia), Assad Zaman, Kalyne Coleman, and Maura Grace Athari. It will premiere on AMC and its AMC+ streaming platform on October 2. Before Anne Rice’s death in 2021, AMC also announced that it was moving forward with an adaptation of her Mayfair Witches series, saying at the time that it was just “the second series in an expanding Anne Rice universe.” That means AMC might even want to go deeper into the vampire stuff post-Interview, thought that will probably depend on how this show does.