Trailer: 'Mario Kart Tour' welcomes ice-themed update

Snow blowers, carriages, snug winter clothing and snowball power-ups, plus spotlight moments for Luigi, Peach, and a crystalline Mario feature in the new "Ice Tour Trailer."

[Mario Kart Tour: Ice Tour Trailer -]

It's Mario on ice: the latest update for iOS and Android game "Mario Kart Tour" ushers in a new season of cold weather racing with new costumes, karts, courses and power-ups.

Princess Peach gains an overcoat and hat to go with her new kart's fairytale theme, the spotlight combination for the Ice Tour's first week.

Mario's green-clad brother Luigi dons a penguin costume and crash helmet combination, popping himself into an ice-blue Poltergust machine for week two.

Meanwhile, Mario himself looks cooler than ever thanks to a translucent transformation; Gold Pass subscribers can access a classic open-wheeled racer, the Black B Dasher.

With the Ice Tour's commencement, traditional fireball power-ups are out and seasonal snowballs are in, while "Mario Kart 64" and "Mario Kart DS" racetrack Frappe Snowland joins the fray, as well as "Vanilla Lake" from the original 1992 "Super Mario Kart."

The "Mario Kart Tour" Ice Tour lasts from January 15 to January 29.

Released in September 2019, by early December "Mario Kart Tour" was Apple's most-downloaded game of the entire year, having accumulated an estimated $31m USD over the course of October per industry tracker SensorTower.

A live multiplayer beta test was held over the second half of December for Gold Pass subscribers.

Alongside its paid virtual currency of rubies, which can be spent on accessing random supplementary characters and items or the game's Coin Rush mode (used to obtain another currency, Coins), the "Mario Kart Tour" Gold Pass provides another revenue stream for Nintendo, offering players another speed and difficulty level, bonus Tour Gift items and exclusive challenges.