Trans woman hit with indecent exposure charge over Los Angeles spa incident

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A transgender woman who entered the women's section of a Los Angeles spa in June has been hit with multiple felony charges of indecent exposure, reports said.

Darren Agee Merager, a 52-year-old biological male who identifies as a woman, was charged with five counts of indecent exposure on Monday by the Los Angeles Police Department relating to a June 23 incident in which Merager entered the women's section of Wi Spa, according to the Los Angeles Times.


Merager, who has not been arrested in connection to the charges, denied Wi Spa customers' accusations that Merager exposed male genitalia at the spa, claiming to be the victim of sexual harassment by transphobic women.

"Everything about the Wi Spa was a bunch of garbage and lies," Merager told the New York Post. "She never saw me naked. I was underwater with water all the way up to my chest."

On June 23, Merager entered the women's section naked at the Wi Spa and undressed in the women's section, subjecting women to the sight of male genitalia, Instagram user @cubanaangel claimed.

"There is no such thing as transgender. He has a d***, OK? He has a penis," the Instagram user said in a June 24 video documenting her account of the incident. "As a woman, I have a right to feel comfortable without a man exposing himself, OK? ... It's traumatizing to see that."

Protests erupted outside the Wi Spa on July 3 and July 17, both of which resulted in violent clashes between the police and protesters and were declared unlawful by the LAPD. Dozens of people were arrested at the second protest.


Merager, who also faces six felony counts of indecent exposure over a separate locker room incident in December 2018, has two prior convictions of indecent exposure stemming from incidents in 2002 and 2003 in California. It is unclear whether Merager has an attorney or when a court appearance is expected.

The LAPD did not immediately respond to the Washington Examiner's request for comment.

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