Transportation Officials Urging Drivers To Take Responsibility On The Road

More than 700,000 Marylanders are gearing up to hit the road this Memorial Day Weekend, a 53 percent increase from this time last year. For some, this might be their first long-distance trip since the pandemic started.

Video Transcript

- Well, this comes as some start Memorial Day weekend early and it could be their first official trip since the pandemic put a hold on long distance travel. Rachel Menitoff explains why it's a good idea to have a solid plan in place, Rachel.

- Denise, as you might expect, travel is up significantly this year over last year. And it's this spot right here before the entrance to the Bay Bridge that's typically really congested especially during peak hours. So transportation officials are urging people to take personal responsibility on the road.

More than 700,000 Marylanders on the road--

- A lot more traffic.

- --back. It's a 53% increase from this time last year.

- I can imagine a lot of people are you know, excited to just get out.

- An unforeseen challenge of the pandemic, an increase in fatalities on Maryland roads as a result of speeding and other kinds of reckless driving.

- So far this year, Maryland State troopers have arrested over 2,700 impaired drivers. This is more than 700 in this time last year.

- So enforcement will be intense with officers from all 23 barracks on patrol with eyes on traffic from the sky the highway and the water too. A couple of tips if you are planning to hit the road this weekend, plan to cross the Bay Bridge either early in the morning or late at night. Slow your speed and expect pre-pandemic traffic.

- People are definitely dying to get out and I think it's going to be pretty crazy.

- Sean Debbie and these are all friends from high school planning a getaway to Rehoboth Beach.

- We'll actually stay in Milford tonight.

- And early in the morning down to the beach.

- Other things to keep in mind if you are drinking this weekend, make sure you have a sober driver, buckle your seat belt and make sure your kids are secure in a car seat. Live in Annapolis, I'm Rachel Menitoff for WJZ.