Trash Piles Up In Parts Of DFW Following Winter Storms' Halt Of Pickup Services

Regular trash and recycling pickup has been restored to most North Texas cities.

Video Transcript

- And there's another unsightly side effect of last week's winter storms. It's trash. You probably don't want it piling up in and around your home. We know that. Erin Jones explaining tonight what cities are doing to try to get everything back to normal.

ERIN JONES: Halting garbage and recycling services during a winter storm is not something Jayma Sanderson is used to.

JAYMA SANDERSON: I moved here from Chicago, so I'm used to the cold weather, and I'm used to the snow. I'm not used to it shutting everything down. So it was it was a little unusual not having your trash picked up. -

ERIN JONES: For the last week, that's exactly what happened in most North Texas cities, and now piles of trash are building up. In Dallas--

CLIFF GILLESPIE: The city's 311 customer service has been fielding a lot of questions, today in particular. There is definitely more volume on the streets.

[garbage truck engine]

CLIFF GILLESPIE: Help is on the way. -

ERIN JONES: In Dallas, starting today regular services have been restored. If your trash is not picked up on your regular day, leave it there until it is. Fort Worth has also started regular services. Through this week, you can add two extra bags by your cart. And an Arlington, regular services have also been restored. Brush and bulk pick-up begins on Thursday.

ERIN JONES: As for apartment complexes, most contract with private companies. So it's best to either speak to your property management, or check their website, or social media for updates.

KATHY SEA: Even if it's a day or two later than today, I think it'll be fine.

- You know, you get through it, and you're inconvenienced, and then you just move on.

[garbage truck engine]

ERIN JONES: In Dallas, Aaron Jones, CBS 11 News.