Travel Increasing As CDC Releases New Guidelines For People Fully Vaccinated Against COVID

For the last 22 days, the Transportation Security Administration has screened more than one million passengers per day nationwide — the longest streak since the pandemic began — proving that people are once again ready to fly.

Video Transcript

- And a live look now at LAX this afternoon, as the CDC releases new guidance on traveling. It's for those who are fully vaccinated from the coronavirus.

- But it's not stopping others from hopping on planes for spring break or the Easter holiday. KCAL 9's Joy Benedict shows us how things are going at LAX.

JOY BENEDICT: We're not at pre-pandemic levels yet, but for the last 22 days, the TSA has screened more than a million passengers a day nationwide. That's the longest streak since the pandemic began, proving once again, folks are ready to fly. You are now free to fly the friendly skies-- kind of.

LETICIA CARDONA: We fly standby, so we weren't able to get on the flight. It got booked.

JOY BENEDICT: As spring break travelers hustled to try and get on overbooked flights at LAX, the Cardona family got stuck at the airport.

LETICIA CARDONA: I have not flown in all this time. We've laid low. I kept them. I didn't want to expose them to anything, so I'm ready. At this point, I'm ready.

JOY BENEDICT: And clearly, so are many other families, as air travel has reached a new heights this week during the pandemic.

SIMRAN SANGHA: But they're so overbooked and everybody is traveling for spring break, they said we could take a flight at Sunday morning.

JOY BENEDICT: And today the CDC announced that if you're fully vaccinated, it is safe to move about the cabin and the country.

ROCHELLE WALENSKY: Fully vaccinated grandparents can fly to visit their healthy grandkids without getting a COVID-19 test or self-quarantining.

JOY BENEDICT: But despite the new guidelines, the CDC is still recommending against traveling right now since COVID numbers are rising in some parts of the country. The Barth family is not vaccinated. They came to the airport for a COVID test before flying out later this weekend.

MARK BARTH: We want to make sure that we're safe before we travel and when we get back, so we know we didn't get something over there and bring it back with us.

JOY BENEDICT: That's exactly what the CDC recommends. And it suggests that even those vaccinated do the same thing if they are traveling internationally.

ROCHELLE WALENSKY: Fully vaccinated people should get tested and have a negative test result before they board an international flight back into the United States.

JOY BENEDICT: But right now, some are just trying to find a flight. And with so many Americans still unvaccinated, many here are quick to point out that although they are choosing to fly, that doesn't mean they are leaving safety behind.

SIMRAN SANGHA: They're saying go ahead, but I'm still cautious. I'm still hand sanitizing, mask. I don't think I'm ever going to go completely back to normal.

JOY BENEDICT: And don't forget, the CDC defines you as being fully vaccinated two weeks after your final shot. From LAX, Joy Benedict, KCAL 9 News.