Travel news latest: Six million could have holidays ruined if Spain and Greece turn 'amber plus'

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Bathers on Malagueta Beach over the weekend - Getty
Bathers on Malagueta Beach over the weekend - Getty

As many as six million Britons could have summer holiday plans ruined, if Spain and Greece fall on the 'amber plus' list in the next traffic light update.

As of last Monday, all double vaccinated arrivals from amber list countries are exempt from quarantine on arrival back to the UK. However, due to concerns over the beta variant, France was placed in a new category – dubbed 'amber plus' – which means quarantine remains mandatory when returning from the country, even if fully vaccinated.

There have been concerns in recent days that Greece or Spain could join the 'amber plus' list, as instances of the beta variant are feared to be on the rise in the holiday favourites. Greece has recorded 178 Covid-19 cases per 100,000 over the past seven days, while Spain has recorded 385 per 100,000 – up 10% week-on-week. The next traffic light update is due on August 5.

In better news for British holidaymakers, George Eustice has hinted that France could soon be taken off the amber plus list.

“It was concern about the Beta variant and the fact that the vaccine might be slightly less effective against that,” he told LBC radio.

“But as those rates come down obviously the evidence will change and it can be reviewed and we will want to be putting countries like France back onto the amber list in the normal way.”

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