Travel Tuesday Blog Celebrates the Road While Savoring Home

travel tuesday blog
travel tuesday blog

(Photo: Anne Lowry, Travel Tuesday)

Travel is often considered an “escape.” But if you enjoy travel but still love where you live, is that word really accurate? Travel writer Anne Lowry takes a balanced approach to her work, which includes her photo Tumblr, Travel Tuesday. It’s a collection of photos she’s taken not just in exotic destinations around the world, but also in her hometown of San Francisco (she says she’s been to nearly 40 countries, often while holding down a full-time job).

While it’s easy to feel an endorphin rush from stepping off a plane on vacation, it can be more grounding to look at the same streets you walk every day and feel your heart skip a beat, as Lowry does. When you’re done checking out her photos, you can also read Lowry’s articles on her blog, Part Time Traveler.

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