Travelers enraged as hundreds of U.S. flights get cancelled on Monday

Airline customers across the country were left stranded on Monday after hundreds of flights were cancelled amid reduced flight routes, staffing shortages, and pent-up consumer demand.

Video Transcript

RACHELLE AKUFFO: Brace yourself for 4th of July chaos at airports if the current issues are anything to go by. As of this afternoon, more than 750 US flights have been canceled Monday. That's according to tracking site FlightAware. Now that's actually an improvement on the nearly 900 canceled flights and 6,500 delayed flights on Sunday. Now you can actually check out FlightAware's misery map to track the flight delays for your city. New York, DC, Boston, Chicago, and Dallas faring the worst so far.

Now, reduced flight routes, pilot and airline staff shortages, a lack of air traffic controllers on the ground, and of course, all this pent-up consumer demand have just been really pressuring airlines and their stocks. As you can see, all of them pretty much in the red there, except for JetBlue. Now AAA predicts 3 and 1/2 million people are going to travel overall for July 4th. So you might want to have a backup plan. Seana.