Tree Falls From Cliff Into Potomac River

A family visiting Virginia’s Westmoreland State Park on May 5 were startled when a cliff began crumbling into the Potomac River before their eyes.

Meghan Sheriff recorded this video and told Storyful she and her three sons were eager to get out of the house after weeks of “quarantine school” and participating in countless Zoom calls.

She said her family was walking down Fossil Beach when they heard a low rumble and “what sounded like explosions coming across the river.”

“I quickly searched on my phone to see if we just had a low-grade earthquake. Nothing. The next thing we knew, the rock face began to crumble,” she said.

As her children continued to play from a safe distance, she made sure to keep an eye on the cliffs. After about 20 minutes, more debris fell.

“The next thing we knew, a giant tree gave way and plunged into the Potomac below,” she said. “What started out as a day to break the monotony turned into a family adventure we will never forget.” Credit: Meghan Sheriff via Storyful