Tree falls on crowd during Easter festival in Spanish village

Peter Stubley
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Tree falls on crowd during Easter festival in Spanish village

A traditional Easter celebration almost ended in disaster when a large tree fell toppled into a crowd gathered in the centre of a Spanish village.

The festival involved a 40-metre-tall trunk being taken to the main square in Cornella del Terri before being pruned and cut down.

But instead of falling towards the empty pavement it suddenly lurched towards a large group of spectators.

Video footage shows the crowd running in terror as two men attempted to push the tree back on its intended course.

The trunk then slammed into the ground, narrowly missing residents, including a young boy, as they ran across the square.

Witnesses said it was an “Easter miracle” that nobody was hurt during the “Tala del árbol de Mayo” (May tree felling) event on Good Friday.

The mayor of Cornella del Terri announced the security perimeter would be expanded for future events.

“Nothing has happened fortunately,” Salvador Coll wrote on Twitter. “The strong wind has also not helped. I have talked to the people and all are okay.

“We will also apply new safety measures for next year’s cut. We have to enjoy the Festa Major, of our historical tradition with maximum security.”

One Twitter user who posted the footage, Maria Garcia, said that the festival was usually a “disappointment”, but added: “Today you all end up on the news!”