Trevor Jackson, Diggy Simmons talk 'grown-ish' and new music

Trevor Jackson and Diggy Simmons say the new season of 'grown-ish' is still topical even though they filmed it in 2019. The actors/recording artists also discuss their individual plans to release new music. (Feb. 4)

Video Transcript

- They're investing in private prisons, CalU. Everyone should be talking about this, and they're not.

TREVOR JACKSON: The good thing about "grown-ish" is it, although it's like centered in a college, it's really just about the process of getting older, you know what I mean? So to have a show like this is definitely so important. And I think Diggy and I strive to do that, even with our lifestyle and how we live, trying to show that it's not all one way. We're not all one way, we're all different. We have different colors, we have different ideas. And so a show like this really does highlight that. And yeah, I think it's so important, and I'm glad I'm a part of it, for sure.

DIGGY SIMMONS: Since season one, we've been highlighting racial injustice and cultural appropriation, all of these things, I feel like, that were magnified in 2020. And it was kind of like a moment where everybody had to face what was really going on in the world and seeing what that's about. So I mean, that's the cool thing about "grown-ish". Even though this was pre-2020, we were still highlighting these things. And so it'll still feel very relevant. So for there to be more representation, and show young Black men and women getting an education, being positive, it's everything. It's everything, representation of it.


TREVOR JACKSON: (SINGING) Tell me again, oh, tell me the reason. We're not lovers, just friends?

People always ask me the question, like, what I love more or what is closer? If I had to choose, I'd choose music, only because everything musically that you hear of me is from me. You know, it's from my experience, it's from my pain, it's from my joy. It's my words, it's my melody, it's my video concept. It's all very from inside out. I'm putting out music with my new album, which I can't say the name of, but will be dropping this year. Very excited about that. And I've been shooting a lot of video, so yeah, just be ready, man.

DIGGY SIMMONS: I've just been working on a new project, man. It's kind of under wraps. I haven't said too much about it yet. But that's been a big part of my 2020 was working on new stuff. Music is definitely closer to me. It just came first, as far as what I'm most passionate about. As far as prioritizing my time, I'm kind of obsessive, you know. Where if I'm in a music place, where I'm just really making my music, I really want to focus on that. So even though music is number one, if I am kind of engulfed in, like, a role or something, that's very much where I'll end up being.