Trevor Lawrence’s Superpower and Kryptonite

As part of our comic book superhero series on the top 5 quarterback prospects in the 2021 NFL Draft, Yahoo Sports’ Lead NFL Draft Analyst Eric Edholm reveals the superpower and kryptonite of the Clemson quarterback.

Video Transcript


- Franchise quarterbacks are the superheroes of the NFL. And in this year's draft, there are five first round QB prospects. Do they have the supernatural powers needed to lead their future teams to glory? Or could their personal kryptonite prove to be an overwhelming obstacle? Yahoo Sports NFL draft mastermind, Eric Edholm, reveals their capabilities.

ERIC EDHOLM: Trevor Lawrence's superpower? That would be his arm strength. He shoots lasers all over the field. Watch how he throws the ball outside the numbers on a rope, and how he often just lets it rip as his receivers are turning around for the ball. Many NFL quarterbacks cannot do this. Lawrence can. And just because he didn't throw deep a lot, doesn't mean he lacks arm talent.

His kryptonite however, touch and placement. You mentioned the downfield element. Lawrence often can be seen under-throwing his targets. And just because those guys are making the catch, doesn't make them perfect throws. On the shorter stuff, Lawrence tends to misfire on the high side. Not something he'll need to clean up, but don't get me wrong. Lawrence has more than enough juice to save the day.