Trevor Noah Mocks Trump for Throwing a Tantrum Over How Many Twitter Followers He Has

By (Marlow Stern)
Comedy Central

On Wednesday, the news broke that President Donald Trump had an Oval Office meeting with Twitter co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey, wherein he proceeded to badger the bearded tech bro over his follower count.

Trump, who boasts close to 60 million Twitter followers—far short of former President Obama’s 106 million-plus—reportedly argued that he’d lost a significant number of followers due to purges targeting conservatives. But Dorsey “had to explain to the president that like other Twitter users, @realDonaldTrump periodically loses followers when the site deletes fake or bot accounts,” reported The Daily Beast.

“That’s right, my friends: the President of the United States is upset because he feels he should have more Twitter followers,” said Trevor Noah. “This is absolutely ridiculous. Like, what’s next? He’s going to complain to Instagram because his thirst traps aren’t blowing up?”

The comedian dedicated a portion of Wednesday night’s Daily Show to the IRL Twitter meet-up, at which Trump and a group of his close advisers—including Dan Scavino, the White House’s social media director—also complained to Dorsey about anti-Trump Twitter bias.

And, as The Daily Beast previously reported, “Trump has repeatedly griped to associates about how his predecessor, President Obama, has had more Twitter followers than he has, even though—by Trump’s own assessment—he is so much better at Twitter than Obama is.”

“I actually feel sorry for everyone in this meeting with Trump who had to sit there and take it seriously,” joked Noah, before zeroing in on the concerned/confused face of Scavino. “Look at this guy’s face! That guy works for Trump but even he’s looking at him the same way you look at your dad when he whips out a Speedo for the beach.”

“And poor Jack Dorsey,” Noah continued. “He has to explain—to a president—that some of his followers were deleted because they were bots and spam accounts. It’s like breaking the news to a child that Santa isn’t real. It’s like, Sir, you’re 72 now so I think you’re old enough to know the truth: @Mikhail_62875 isn’t a real person. He’s like, No, he retweets me every day! That’s a lie! He’s my best friend!

According to various reports, Trump neglected to question Dorsey over Twitter’s biggest problem: the disturbingly large number of Nazis on its platform.  

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