Trevor Noah jokes that Trump will be ‘pardoning himself mid-crime’ if re-elected

Isobel Lewis
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Noah took aim at Trump: The Daily Show/YouTube
Noah took aim at Trump: The Daily Show/YouTube

Trevor Noah has warned that Donald Trump will be “pardoning himself mid-crime” if re-elected in the November US election.

Appearing on The Daily Show on Tuesday (18 July), the comedian discussed the first day of the Democratic National Convention, which is taking place virtually this week.

Noah praised Bernie Sanders for showing support for Joe Biden, saying that there was a sense throughout the event that “people across the ideological spectrum need to unite against Donald Trump”.

“I’m really impressed with Bernie Sanders because he’s doing everything in his power right now to take down Donald Trump,” the comedian said. “He was telling his base that progressives cannot afford to cast protest votes like they did in 2016.

“Because this s*** we lived through? This was four years of Trump caring about being re-elected. Imagine what he’d be like totally unleashed? Forget pardoning other people, second term Trump will be pardoning himself mid-crime.

Noah took aim at Trump (The Daily Show/YouTube)
Noah took aim at Trump (The Daily Show/YouTube)

The South African stand-up continued: “He’ll be out there robbing banks, like, ‘Alright everybody, I’m going to need you to get on the ground, pardoned. This is a robbery, put the money in the bag, pardoned.

“And by the way ma’am,” he added in impersonation, “I love your boobs, pardoned, pardoned.’”

Last week, Noah took aim at the president again, as he suggested that “Trump’s tennis a**” should be carved into Mount Rushmore.