CDC advisers discuss how to handle J&J vaccine going forward

Federal health officials are expected to meet today, one day after abruptly calling for a nationwide pause in administering all doses of the single-shot Johnson and Johnson COVID vaccine.

Video Transcript

- We begin now with the race to vaccinate. And with one vaccine shelved, the CDC is expected to meet today to discuss the Johnson & Johnson single-dose shot. Federal health officials abruptly call for a pause in administering the vaccine after six cases of blood clotting out of nearly seven million doses-- all the cases involving women. One of them has died. Eyewitness News reporter Candace McCowan is live on the west side with the details for us. Good morning, Candace.

CANDACE MCCOWAN: Shirleen, good morning to you. The CDC is meeting at 1:30 this after-- this afternoon. And in the meantime, in New York City, they say they have 4,000 appointments every day that they have to reschedule for people who were supposed to get that J&J vaccine. Instead, they'll get the other vaccines that will require them to show up for two doses. Many people saying that's OK as long as they're sure that the shot is safe.

Now, this comes after that single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine was paused yesterday in all 50 states. Clinical trials of the vaccine have also been put on hold. As of Tuesday, officials say that more than 6.8 million doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine have been administered in the US. But with six women with a reported and rare severe type of blood clot-- one of those women in critical condition and the other who passed away-- that pause is a precaution. And officials there working to reassure the public.

BILL DE BLASIO: I received the shot. Our health commissioner, David Choksi received the shot. We believe in the effectiveness of this vaccine. But obviously, we take seriously any warning, and it needs to be fully investigated.

Our vaccine command center is now coordinating new appointments for everyone who was scheduled for today and the coming days for Johnson & Johnson. So everyone who was scheduled to come to one of our centers will get a new appointment, obviously with a Moderna or Pfizer.

CANDACE MCCOWAN: Yeah, and the federal government is saying this pause on the J&J vaccine is not going to take weeks. It should be only days before we have an answer as to when it can be-- used can be resumed.