Was that ‘triangular-shaped’ object seen flying over east Charlotte a UFO? This is what we know

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Social media users are debating the validity of a UFO sighting after an object was spotted flying over a busy Charlotte road.

“Please tell me if anyone in the East Charlotte area saw a triangular-shaped UFO about an hour ago,” a Reddit user wrote in a Charlotte subreddit thread on Monday. “It was drizzling and I was heading to 485. Saw it at the light by Big Al’s.”

The commenter, however, did not provide photo or video evidence of what was seen.

While most were skeptical, a few who commented on the post were confident that the object in the sky was a flying saucer.

“There’s got to be some earthly scientific evidence for this one,” a commenter wrote. “But I’m all for this being the real thing. I’m dying to know what kind of life forms are out there.”

“Would have loved to have seen it,” another commented. “The most exotic thing I’ve seen are white orbs that fade from view then slowly reappear.”

However, some pointed out that planes departing Charlotte-Douglas International Airport were flying lower than usual due to severe weather in the area. One commenter even provided links to maps that showed the paths two flights took over Albemarle Road, just west of Interstate 485, suggesting that the object was a plane.

“When planes come in at a certain angle, they can look as if they are hovering or zipping straight up instead of forward,” another commenter wrote. “It’s weird.”

Have UFOs been spotted around Charlotte?

Others have recently reported seeing strange objects in the sky near Charlotte in recent years.

Last February, multiple people in Indian Trail saw an odd string of lights in the sky in the area, The Charlotte Observer reported.

According to the National UFO Reporting Center, there have been at least nine potential UFO sightings in Charlotte since 2021, including one sighting in January.