I tried the cake that's been called the 'worst' thing to eat at Disney World, and it reminded me of meatloaf

side by side shots of a hang holding the mr toad dome cake in front of the disney world castle and the cake being eaten off a plate
I tried the Mr. Toad dome cake at Disney World. Kari Becker
  • I visited Disney World for its 50th-anniversary event and tried the confusing Mr. Toad dome cake.

  • The look of the treat reminded me of meatloaf, which wasn't the most appetizing comparison.

  • Although the flavor wasn't that bad, I'd rather stick to a classic Disney treat, like Dole Whip.

Disney's newest dessert may be one of its most confusing ones yet.

The Mr. Toad dome cake was released for the park's 50th-anniversary celebration, and fans are already criticizing the peanut-butter treat online and comparing its appearance to meat. One TikTok user even called it "by far the worst thing" at Disney World in a viral video that has over 3.7 million views at the time of writing.

So I tried the dessert to see what has everyone so confused and upset.

The cake costs under $10 and has chocolate, caramel, and peanut-butter flavors

hand holding mr toad dome cake in front of friars nook magic kingdom
The Mr. Toad dome cake is sold at Friar's Nook. Kari Becker

As a travel planner for Marvelous Mouse Travels, I often make suggestions on where to find the best snacks throughout the parks, and specialty dome cakes are usually fan favorites.

The new Mr. Toad version was designed for the park's 50th-anniversary event, which started on October 1 and runs for the next 18 months.

The treat is available at Friar's Nook, located right next to the Fantasyland carousel in Magic Kingdom. It costs $7.99, and it's advertised as a peanut cake with chocolate-peanut butter mousse and a salty caramel center.

Mr. Toad's Wild Ride was an opening-day attraction at Disney World, and it was one of my favorite rides as a kid, so I was initially excited about the tribute treat.

back of the mr toad dome cake from disney world
I was excited about the whipped cream. Kari Becker

The dome was topped with whipped cream and a white-chocolate Mr. Toad decoration, and I thought the presentation was cute. As I walked through the park to find a seat to enjoy it, a number of guests even asked me where I got it.

mr toad dome cake without the decoration disney world
The colors were a little off-putting. Kari Becker

But as I sat down to take a closer look, the dark red and mustard yellow didn't make for the most appetizing-looking dessert.

I can only describe the look and texture of the treat as meatloaf-like, which pretty much ruined it for me

inside of the mr toad dome cake disney world
None of the textures worked together. Kari Becker

I started my taste test with the white-chocolate decoration, which didn't have much flavor.

When I cut into the cake, it got more off-putting. The middle was an unappetizing light brown with a thin layer of light-yellow caramel custard inside.

A woman sitting next to me asked if I was eating meatloaf, and I thought, "Yes! That's it!" The colors of the cake do resemble a meatloaf-like treat.

forkfull of the mr toad dome cake disney world
The cake unfortunately had a meatloaf-like texture. Kari Becker

After taking a bite, I think calling this a "cake" is misleading. I was expecting at least part of the inside to include a layer of cake, but there's nothing about this treat that has a cake-like consistency.

The gelatin-like outside, meringue-like inside, and pudding-like center made for a very interesting mix that I can't say I enjoyed.

The flavor of the treat, however, was quite good, especially the whipped-cream topping. I enjoyed the combination of peanut butter and caramel, but not enough to get over the texture and presentation issues.

Both of my children tried the treat after me - they were done after the first bite, shaking their heads. My husband liked it mildly better, but he still said the texture just wasn't for him.

As a Mr. Toad fan, I wanted to like this, but I'd much prefer a classic Disney treat, like Dole Whip

kari becker eating mr toad dome cake disney world
I'd rather spend my money on tried-and-true Disney treats. Kari Becker

Unfortunately, Mr. Toad superfans should stick to finding him hidden in the graveyard at the Haunted Mansion or on the Adventures of Winnie the Pooh ride (the location of his original attraction).

I'd definitely pass on this treat and spend your time, money, and calories elsewhere.

After trying it, my family headed right around the corner to Aloha Isle for a Dole Whip to cleanse our palates.

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