I tried every taco at Taco Bell and ranked them from worst to best

lucien posing with some tacos from taco bell
I'm trying everything on Taco Bell's menu, starting with tacos.Lucien Formichella
  • I tried all seven tacos available at my local Taco Bell and compared them to find the best.

  • I realized I don't love the chain's tacos, and the regular crunchy variety was my least favorite.

  • But I think Taco Bell really unlocked a great pairing with the Doritos shells on the Locos Tacos.

I'm on a mission to eat and rank everything on Taco Bell's menu.

Taco Bell.
I started with the chain's namesake tacos.Shutterstock

This is the first installment of an odyssey I've been hoping to embark on for years: Eating everything on Taco Bell's menu.

I desperately want to do the entire thing at once, but it's an impossible task. Instead, I decided to split it into sections, starting with tacos.

It's the first review I've written from inside the establishment since before the pandemic, so I felt nervous and self-conscious. How would the cashier react when I went up and asked for every taco?

She didn't quite grasp the request, which I mumbled inaudibly. She said they only had three tacos then asked if I wanted them regular or Supreme. I didn't quite understand what she was asking and ended up walking away with three Taco Supremes.

After finishing the initial selection, I took a trip back to the register (the cashier didn't recognize me) to complete the gauntlet with the regular tacos.

After both trips to the counter, I ranked every taco on the menu from worst to best.

7. Crunchy taco

crunchy beef taco from taco bell
I've never been particularly fond of hard shells.Lucien Formichella

Initial thoughts: I typically prefer soft tacos to hard — the shell never breaks correctly when I take a bite.

Also, I never realized that "Supreme" just means adding sour cream and tomato. I feel cheated without those toppings, and it looks less appetizing.

But will those subtractions really make a difference?

Review: Yes, they did.

The tomato and sour cream act as a buffer between the salty beef and the dry tortilla. Without them, it's a far less pleasant eating experience.

Balance is never a word I'd use to describe Taco Bell, but this one certainly doesn't have it.

6. Soft taco

soft beef taco from taco bell opened up
There wasn't really a difference in filling between the crunchy and soft taco.Lucien Formichella

Initial Thoughts: I'm guessing it will be better than the hard taco.

Review: Definitely better, but still not very good at all.

Simply a sad experience.

5. Crunchy Taco Supreme

crunchy taco supreme from taco bell
The Taco Supremes have added sour cream and tomatoes.Lucien Formichella

Initial Thoughts: Don't look too hard, it might get soggy.

Review: My main complaint is the crunchy taco shell is unsalted, and it gets too soggy by the time the juice seeps through.

4. Spicy potato soft taco

spicy potato taco from taco bell opened up
The potato taco is the only vegetarian taco option.Lucien Formichella

Initial Thoughts: I'm most excited about this one because I don't know what to expect. Are the potatoes spicy?

It looks sad without the sour cream and tomato (a Supreme option would be great), but I'm excited nonetheless.

Review: The potato is interesting — I think the "spicy" comes from a chipotle sauce.

I miss the tomato a lot and think the taco would benefit significantly from salsa.

As is, there's too much carb on carb with the potato and tortilla. The cheese also got a little lost in the whole flavor profile.

Still, overall, this was quite interesting, and I'd eat it again.

3. Nacho Cheese Doritos Locos Tacos

nacho cheese doritos locos taco from taco bell
The shells are made by Doritos.Lucien Formichella

Initial Thoughts: I'm looking forward to this far less than the other Locos Tacos.

I'm also curious to see if it ranks above any of the non-Doritos Supremes.

Review: I'd rather have this than the crunchy Supreme, but that's just a testament to Doritos' greatness.

2. Soft Taco Supreme

soft taco supreme from taco bell opened up
The soft version was better than the crunchy one.Lucien Formichella

Initial Thoughts: I like this ground beef, it looks almost juicy. I can't tell if that's a good thing, though. There's also a lot of sour cream, which I'm also not sold on.

But I haven't had one of these in a while and am looking forward to the experience.

Review: It is pretty juicy. It's a solid taco.

The soft tortilla tastes fresh from the package. The lettuce and tomato don't even taste that watery. Maybe they're dehydrated — just like me.

1. Nacho Cheese Doritos Locos Tacos Supreme

nacho cheese doritos locos tacos supreme from taco bell
This was absolutely the clear winner of the tacos.Lucien Formichella

Initial Thoughts: Call me basic, but I love everything about this. I especially love the branding since the Doritos tacos come with unique packaging.

I'm even willing to let go of my hatred for hard shells. This should taste more seasoned.

Review: I remember my mind being blown when I first heard about this concept — on a commercial somewhere — and it still is.

Combining Doritos and a taco shell is and always will be a stroke of genius.

I'd still rather have a soft shell, but that's a minor issue. As expected, the shell is highly seasoned and mixes with the beef perfectly. Together, they prove an excellent counterbalance to the condiments.

Overall, I found out that I don't like Taco Bell tacos that much.

different tacos from taco bell lined up on a counter
The tacos were a bit of a let down, but the Doritos shells were a bright spot.Lucien Formichella

Turns out I'm not a huge fan of Taco Bell tacos, which sounds blasphemous. But I don't think they reach the same heights as other items on the menu.

Part of the reason the visit was underwhelming is I didn't use any hot sauce. I ultimately decided to experience the menu in its purest sense.

But this group's clear winner is the Nacho Cheese Doritos Locos Tacos Supreme.

Eating a Doritos taco shell will always be better than eating a non-Doritos taco shell. It doesn't need to be more complicated than that.

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