We Tried Kellogg's White Chocolate Coco Pops – Here's What We Thought

Rachel Moss

Kellogg’s has given everyone’s favourite breakfast-turned-evening-snack a makeover – Coco Pops are now available in white chocolate flavour.

The new product, which launched in Tesco and Asda earlier this month, caused complete and utter chaos, with eager fans so desperate to try the new product some stores reportedly sold out in a few days.

Now, the coveted boxes are being sold for almost three times the price on Ebay. HuffPost UK was lucky enough to get its hand on one.

Here’s what we thought – including our scores out of five.

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Natasha Hinde, Life Reporter: 4/5

“I’d rather have a bowl of… white chocolate Coco Pops. No really, I think I prefer these to the normal milk chocolate ones. The taste of white chocolate is strong and I like the way the Coco Pops stick together to give you a mouthful of pure delight. The only thing I’m not a fan of is the aftertaste which I can only describe as weird and slightly metallic…”

Nancy Groves, Life Editor: 2/5

“I’m the original Milky Bar Kid not to mention a ‘cereal for supper’ type, so these should be made for me – or so I imagined. Problem number one: they’re no fun. Half the game with original Coco Pops was turning the milk chocolatey. These look like Rice Krispies, but with only a subdued snap. Then there’s the taste: I’ve previously defended white chocolate against the naysayers, but in cereal form, it really is too sweet – while giving the milk a sour aftertaste that leaves me queasy. I’m not so ‘strong and tough’, it turns out. And the creamiest milk? No, thank you.”

Charlie Lindlar, Blogs Editor: 4/5

“I’ve never been a terrific fan of Coco Pops, so I approached my bowl of wacky new cereal with extreme trepidation. Turns out they’re extremely good! The flavouring seeps into the milk quickly, so you end up with something closer to Rice Krispies in Milky Bar-tasting soup – which is way nicer than it sounds. Having said that, I think they’re a bit too sweet to have a daily fix of, so I’d hesitate to buy a big box the second these return to the shelves.”

Rachel Moss, Life Reporter: 3/5

“I practically lived off the original milk chocolate Coco Pops at uni, rebelling against years of my mother banning them from the house. As a die-hard fan, I’m bitterly disappointed by the new version. I would describe them as ‘fine’. They’re not awful, but they’re not exciting either. The taste is a little artificial and they do not turn the milk chocolatey – where’s the fun in that? I certainly won’t be reaching for them after my next night out.”

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