We Tried the New Magic Bullet Mini-Juicer—Does It Live Up to the Hype?

Scouted/The Daily Beast/Magic Bullet.
Scouted/The Daily Beast/Magic Bullet.

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In our fast-paced society, maintaining proper nutrition can be a challenge. One of my favorite hacks to make sure I’m getting my daily dose of nutrition is to juice fresh fruits and vegetables, especially as an invigorating-yet-light brekkie. Sure, there’s more fiber in the whole plant— but you get an easily-digestible, super dose of concentrated nutrients in freshly made juice. Of course, juice bars charge $9 or more for a cup, so I was chuffed to get the new mini juicer from the iconic blender brand, Magic Bullet.

I already have a full-size juicer and it works nicely, but it’s also sooo big that it fills most of a kitchen cabinet, taking up space until I remember it exists twice a year. So, I found the petite size of this mini juicer a big attraction. But would it work as well?

I set out to make my favorite of juice blends, which I call “the blood of my enemies” (disclaimer: no humans were actually harmed). The recipe is carrots, green apples, a lemon, and red beets (hence the “blood”). It keeps me fueled throughout the day—as only good nutrition or vengeance can. I was concerned the smaller chute might require extra chopping for produce to fit, but the difference was negligible. It has an exterior pulp bin, which nicely collects unused bits.

Magic Bullet Mini Juicer

The pulp was very dry, indicating to me that the produce was juiced thoroughly. I was impressed by the little machine’s 400-watt power. It comes with a lidded storage cup to perfectly capture your fresh juice without mess, and even a little brush to scrub the interior part.

Buy Magic Bullet Mini Juicer at Magic Bullet, $60

Buy Magic Bullet Mini Juicer at Macy's, $60

So how was the juice? Remarkably, it was some of the tastiest juice I’ve had, even when compared to the expensive commercial-grade juicers that many restaurants use. Fresh juice loses nutritional value quickly, so a small batch is perfect for getting optimal nutrition without leftovers or waste (and why store-bought juice will never compare in vitamin and mineral content).

Clean-up was simple, with fewer bulky parts than a full-size machine, albeit still not as easy as with a blender. The mini-juicer is perfect for those with small kitchens, dorms, households, or who want to try juicing without a big investment. Because of this device’s cost—only $60—I can’t think of a better gift to give yourself or others. The value is excellent and the fresh juice is so tasty, don’t hesitate to pick one (or more) of these up today.

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