We tried the Miami Spice menus at all these local restaurants. Here’s what we loved

The interior of Byblos on Miami Beach. (Handout)
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Much like shopping at the grocery store and literally everything else besides breathing, dining out has gotten more expensive in 2022 — which means Miami Spice is starting at the perfect time.

The annual promotion from the Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau runs through August and September and offers diners a chance to try local restaurants at a reduced price before the hordes of tourists arrive in the fall. It’s also a way for restaurants to stay busy during the long, hot, slow summer.

This year’s Spice offers several three-course meal choices with an appetizer, entree and dessert: Lunch or brunch for $28 and two dinner options at $45 and $60.

You say $60 a person for dinner isn’t cheap? Well, no, it’s not, especially when you factor in the price of a drink and parking. But it’s less expensive than it will be if you try to eat at the same spot in October.

Not every restaurant offers all three meals, and Spice menus are likely to change over the course of the promotion. Here are the restaurants we visited during Miami Spice previews and what it was like to eat at them. For a full list of participating restaurants visit www.miamitemptations.com .