I Tried Tove Lo's Caffeinated Cannabis Drink

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Tove Lo, pop star and cannabis enthusiast, has teamed up with Cann for their new Passion Peach Maté drink!

Wait, so what is this?

Cann has mixed some all-natural caffeine from maté with THC for one surprisingly tasty drink. They describe the Passion Peach Maté as "a sweet peach taste with an uplifting, energetic buzz, and is Cann’s first product offering to add all-natural caffeine from maté to its signature microdose of THC."

What does Tove Lo have to do with this?

The "Disco Tits" singer is an investor in Cann and the two worked together to create the Passion Peach Maté. Tove Lo tells PRIDE that the drink feels "very me."

"I just love Cann and the people behind it! They’re fun, innovative and wanna make people feel good," she said. "I do like to get stoned a lot but rarely to the back of the couch anymore. I love the blend of cannabis & cbd, it calms me down. I rarely use it while writing or performing though, but it’s good for brainstorming ideas for visual things I wanna do."

What does the high feel like:

In the name of science, I tried the Passion Peach Maté.

Even though weed is legal in California, I'm not too big of stoner and only get high when I want to sit on the couch and giggle with my friends. Each 12oz can contains 5mg of THC, the perfect dose for a lightweight like me.

Because it is a drink instead of your normal food edible, you feel the effects a bit quicker. I drank my can on a walk over to my friend's place for a game night and it hit me pretty quickly, and I felt firmly high about 30 minutes later. The munchies were in full force (I ate a lot of pizza that night) but I was surprised that I didn't have the urge to sink into the sofa like I usually do.

It's not the easiest task to play board games while high, but the drink certainly gave me the boost to be engaged and involved, even if I still burst into the occasional giggling fit.

After a few hours there, a friend picked me up for a queer party in Downtown Los Angeles. I don't usually like to do edibles before meeting people for the first time as they really push my 45% introvert side to the forefront, but the drink allowed a nice high compared to prior experiences where I was in wallflower mode. I still had my fair share of awkward high interactions but that might've been because of the feuding lesbians in my friend group and I got caught in the crossfire. I was shocked at how much I wanted to dance and at 1am, I still had enough energy to gay squeal when the DJ played Tegan and Sara.

I don't know if I'd recommend this drink for a night on the town unless you're used to being high in public, but I can certainly imagine drinking this before a house party or a more casual gathering.

Why has it taken so long for someone to merge cannabis and caffeine?

"It's a relatively new concept for RTD cannabis beverages, but people have been smoking joints and drinking coffee for decades so the combination of the two is adored by many legacy cannabis consumers," says Co-Founder of Cann Luke Anderson.

"For those newer to cannabis the idea of mixing the two can seem intimidating, but at our dosages of both (caffeine = 1 shot of espresso, cannabis = same as a low dose gummy) it's a great blend for an upbeat party vibe. Unlike a traditional edible, the cannabis is absorbed faster so you feel it almost right away, and unlike a traditional (uncaffeinated) beverage you don't get sleepy and disengage socially."

If you like what you're hearing, give Cann's Passion Peach Maté a try! It comes in 12oz tall cans with 5mg of THC per can, and is priced at $20 per four-pack. It is now available in California, exclusively sold through Sweet Flower and Airfield Supply Co. retailers in SoCal and San Jose.

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