Trifecta on tap: Beer, coffee and motorcycle repair space opens in ABQ

Nov. 6—A motorcyclist, a barista and a brewer walk into a bar ... and you get Sunday Service — a DIY motorcycle repair shop, coffee shop and bar all in one.

Sunday Service co-owners Kevin Anderson and Stephen Park have been friends since attending John Baker Elementary School together. They went their separate ways after college, when they both moved away from Albuquerque. But the pair later reconnected in Atlanta, where they started coming up with business ideas. Anderson was getting into home brewing; Park was a coffee buff; and the two of them shared a lifelong love of motorcycles.

"We started kind of just spit-balling with this idea of opening up a place where you could get all that in one location," Anderson said. "And I thought that, especially with Albuquerque, the number of beers that we have and just the quality of beer that we have across the city, this is the perfect place to bring it all into one spot."

Both Park and Anderson work in IT. Doing remote work gave Park a passion for coffee shops.

"I love coffee," Park said. "Kevin and I both work in tech, so we've always been remote workers for most of our careers, and a lot of that work gets done in coffee shops ... we've always loved these kinds of spaces."

Park also co-owns a Burn Boot Camp location in Albuquerque with his wife, Carolotta Park.

This isn't the kind of Sunday Service you'll find at a Catholic Church: the spot, built out by AIC General Contractor, is at 2701 Fourth NW, a former Harley dealership that will now house a motorcycle repair shop, in-house coffee roasting and beer brewing.

"This was an old Harley shop with a retail space attached to it," Park said. "So, I think when we took over the building it was kind of hard to envision what it was going to look like ... to get to this point, you know, I'm really excited about that."

Local coffee roasters will put up shop in the space and the business will also feature locally brewed beers.

"There's just so much talent around here that you can showcase," Park said.

Motorcycle aficionados will be able to pay for access to the garage, which is attached to the coffee shop and bar, to work on their bikes. Park and Anderson, who ride a 2004 Ducati 999 and a Suzuki, respectively, said the garage will service all types of bikes.

"We do not like the exclusivity that can come with any of these things: motorcycles, coffee or beer," Park said. "So, you know, for us, if it's a beer you like, it's a good beer, right? If it's a coffee you like, it's good coffee. If it's a motorcycle you like it's a good motorcycle, right?"

"Two wheels and a motor," Anderson concurred.

Although motorcycle shops are traditionally closed on Sundays (Sundays are for riding), Sunday Service will remain open seven days a week.

"One of my favorite things growing up was Sunday afternoons," Anderson said. "It's a very relaxed, just kind of a no-pressure day of just having a good time. And so I really liked that ... this is a pretty relaxed community space — you can come in and have a good time."

The shop had its soft opening on Saturday and will be open from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. until its grand opening, tentatively planned for Nov. 14 when the hours will be extended.

Alaina Mencinger covers retail and commercial real estate for the Journal. She can be reached at or by phone at 505-823-3924.